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This is part 1 of a continuing Tunnels and Trolls adventure played by the members of Trollhalla back in 2005.  The rest of this adventure will be published in blogs to follow at no more than two day intervals.

Trollhalla is an online club for the greatest Tunnels and Trolls players in the world and can be found at


Deep in Mistywood Forest lies the Troll and Monster village of Srak Arhan. It is a fairly prosperous town as troll centers go with about thirty huts built from stone, wood, and a relatively high class of debris and mud. Among the inhabitants is a powerful shaman and several warriors with fierce reputations.

At the moment, the town leaders are concerned. The weekly shipment of ham-beetle meat and turnips has not arrived. Ogmar has always been prompt, so foul play is considered a possibility. The elders are considering who to send to determine the reason for lateness. Several warriors have been nominated: Gimor, K’jherr, Skaat, Dekhurrrsio, Dandelion the Ogre, Boozer the Goblin, Verdius, and Khayd’haik. After much debate, the choices have come down to Dandelion and Boozer. The final arguments sound something like this:

Ogres are stronger!

Goblins are sneakier!

There is much table pounding as the merits of the two candidates are considered.

Ogres are bigger!

Goblins are smaller and hide better!

Ogres smell better!

Than goblins? I don’t think so!

Judging by the dents in the table, the issue would be decided soon.

[What makes this adventure interesting? A couple of things. This was the first play by email adventure that I tried to run at Trollhalla. Interestingly enough, it’s not a dungeon adventure, but an outdoors romp in the woods. All the characters mentioned above are members of Trollhalla who volunteered to be the player. The final player was chosen by a vote of the membership. The actions taken by that player will also be determined by a vote of the membership–although characterization is supposed to be provided by the player. I attempted to run this adventure on a daily basis, so each of the turns is relatively short.]

[Note to any artists reading this blog. I would love to have illustrations for these episodes. If you will draw something and email it to me, I will add it to the blog, and then refeature the blog so that all the readers will have the opportunity to see your work.  No pay for this. Simply fun and glory.–Ken]


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