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Troll (er . . . Goblin) Quest part 2

When the shouting and thumping died down, the elders lined up on different sides of the room. Boozer’s side had 11 supporters while Dandelion only had five.

Then it is decided, said old Arrth. Boozer the Goblin shall go and investigate why the food is late. Someone run down to the Hobgoblin Tavern and roust him out. Tell him to gather his weapons, and get over here so we can give him instructions.

[Hobgoblin’s tavern is Boozer’s own Tunnels & Trolls site on the web, and it can still be found right here:]

An hour or so later, Boozer appeared. Someone had explained the whole situation to him, but he elected to come in his usual homespun clothing with naught but a staff (2d6) and a carving knife (2d6).

Speed and subtlety, said Boozer, that’s how I’ll do it.

Most of the trolls had no idea what subtlety meant. Dekhurrrsio, the other goblin in the group tried to explain it to them, but it was hopeless. The trolls liked the idea of speed. Though there was still plenty of food in town, some of them felt hungry already.

Boozer knew roughly where Ogmar’s house was, so with a burp and a hiccup he was on his way, quickly vanishing among the towering forest giants. He walked for half the night, and in the wee morning hours he crested a low hill and started down on the other side. After all this walking, he was beginning to feel rather hungry, so when he saw a ham beetle, he immediately went after it.

The oversized bug led him a merry chase, and when he finally caught up with it and slew it, he found himself far from the trail on an unfamiliar hillside.

Off to one side and partly concealed by some trees, Boozer spotted a large stone house. Beside it he saw two standing skeletons of large humanoid size–certainly bigger than a goblin. Their bones were protected by armor and the held maces and shields. The heads turned in Boozer’s direction, and they clacked their jaws.

Three possiblities occurred to the goblin. He could turn tail and try to run back to the path. He could throw something (like the ham-beetle or his dagger) at a skeleton and see what they did. Or he could approach boldly, ready to fight if they proved hostile. [what did Boozer do?]

[After getting this far in the quest, we had a little byplay in Trollhalla which I include here because I think it’s mildly amusing.

Rrraff said…

What does a ham-beetle taste like anyway? Chicken?

Quoghmyre said…

Smells like fish, tastes like…

Khenn Arrth said…

Ham beetles taste like ham, of course. With some extra chitin to provide roughage. ]



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