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Boozer saw the armored skeletons start toward him, and he grinned his sneaky goblin grin. Big and slow and scary-looking they might have been, but clearly they didn’t know who they were dealing with. He began twirling his staff and accellerating toward them.

(Combat: Big skeleton 40 plus no spite. Smaller skeleton: 38 plus 1 spite)
Boozer: 299 plus no spite.)[Tunnels and Trolls combat is somewhat faster and simpler than Dungeons and Dragons combat. No rolling to hit, for example. Each combatant has a number of combat dice, usually determined by his weapon, and a number of combat adds determined by his toughness and attributes. Although goblins are usually puny monsters, Boozer is a T & T goblin, and he’s quite powerful. Subtract the low total from the high total and the loser takes the difference in combat hits off his/their Constitution attributes. Constitution is the direct measure of how much damage a creature can take in T & T before dying or being destroyed. Once the winner has been determined, the Game Master can give a juicy description of what happened, or the players might be talked into describing the situation. We usually try to make it amusing and cinematic–see below.]

By the time Boozer reached them his spinning staff resembled a buzz saw more than anything else. Darting nimbly between the two oversized undead thighs, he broke their ankles, knees, thighs, hips, and ribs before they hit the ground. He shattered their spines and punched holes in their skulls, and knocked their teeth out. One flying chip of bone nicked his left shoulder and left a little bloody gash, and then the fight was over.

“Stupid Skellingtons,” said Boozer, a little miffed because he was bleeding just a bit. I wonder what’s inside that house. He went back and picked up his ham beetle.

Does Boozer (1) enter the house, or (2) return to the trail, or (3) eat the ham beetle?


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