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Boozer looked at the smashed up bony fragments that was all that was left of the skeleton warriors. He found no sign of internal organs. These were not skeleton men, but magically animated skeletons, and a trace of evil magic lingered on the fragments like a stench.

“I wonder what these guys were guarding,” he mumbled to himself. “Let’s have a look.” Sticking the ham beetle in a carry-all sack attached to his belt, Boozer advanced on the doorway.  Now that he looked closely, this was a very weird house to be out in the forest.

As he walked into the building, he felt a psychic assault as if something were tearing at his mind and spirit. “Arrrrggggghhhhh!” he roared as the nonphysical pain washed over him, and he felt an overwhelming urge to just give up and die.

“No, no, no, no!” Boozer bellowed. “I won’t die that easily! (Level 2 luck saving roll–got an 11–made it easily).

[T & T saving rolls are made directly on the attributes involved. I don’t remember what Boozer’s Luck attribute was back then, but for him to make a L2SR on Luck meant that his dice roll on 2D6 plus his attribute value had to total 25 of more. He rolled an 11, so his attribute was 14 or higher, probably much higher.]

As suddenly as it had come, the magical assault vanished, and Boozer stood just insi the darkened doorway. “What was that?” he muttered. “Something evil inhabits this house. The question is: should i go inside and destroy this menace, or mind my own business and get back to the trail?

[Did Boozer: (1) continue into the house, or (2) return to the trail?


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