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Boozer hefted the light mace (5d6) and boldly walked down the dark corridor. His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness, it wasn’t much worse than outside.

Suddenly he came to a door blocking off the corridor. Deep trollish voices were coming from the other side of it. Boozer heard one say: “Something killed our guard outside.” Another answered, “And it chased off our ghostly guardian at the door.” A third said, “I hope it turned back at that point–it might be mighty enough to slay us all.” A fourth sneered, “Nah, impossible, there are four of us, and we are each twice as strong as the strongest guard.” “If that isn’t enough, I have a mighty death spell prepared, but . . .”

“But what?” the other four asked ominously.

“But if anyone comes through that door, I am minded to let him join the Death Cult of Grethgash the Grisly. We could use another mighty warrior.”

Boozer knew there were at least five enemies on the other side of the door, but he also knew they wouldn’t attack him at once. From the sound of the voices, four of them were trolls and one was something else–long odds for a single goblin, no matter how deadly. He wondered if he could take them in combat, or if he could outwit them–few trolls could match wits with a goblin and win, or if he should just turn around and beat a hasty retreat.

Did Boozer: (1) storm through the door and attack with the benefit of surprise, or (2) knock politely and ask permission to enter, or (3) turn around and get out of there as fast as he could?

[Now that the consequences are getting more serious, the votes are getting a bit tighter. A rational player might have turned around and left at this point, but the members of Trollhalla want to see what will happen.]

(Boozer’s normal appearance)

[Final vote on part 5: rush in and attack–9,
Knock politely and be tricky–10
wisely run away–4.
Bwa ha ha, I called for extra votes, and got 2 more run away votes. Ha! So it was the closest vote yet. Sneakiness carries by a single vote.]


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