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Boozer thought about his options. He could rush in and slay them all, but . . . there were at least 5 in there. Maybe he couldn’t. He could turn back and get on with his job for the village, but . . . after being twice assaulted it didn’t seem right to leave without finding out what this place was. Soooooooooo . . .

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “In the holy name of Grethgash the Grisly, may I come in?” he shouted.

“In the grisly name of Grethgash the Holy, you may!” shouted the High Priest.

Creeee-ackkkk! Boozer pushed the door open and walked inside. He found himself in a kind of enormous chapel, eighty feet long, fifty feet wide, thirty feet high. At the far end of the room was a huge altar of black obsidian, and behind it was the most horrific statue Boozer had ever seen.

“Ar har har!” laughed a creature unlike any Boozer had ever seen before. “The mighty warrior is just a goblin!”

“A goblin who could kick your ugly butt,” said Boozer with a mean smile.

The chapel held four warriors and a priest. The warriors looked something like wolf trolls, but they were albinos and had short curly horns growing out of their foreheads. The tallest was 18 feet high and swung a flail from one hairy paw. The shortest was only 15 feet tall and had a mace. They were all wearing some sort of strange silvery armor that protected their torsos, but left the rest of the body unguarded.

The high priest was unlike anything Boozer had ever seen or imagined—a giant squid with legs wearing a blood-stained red robe. It had two unusually long arms ending in a two-digited claw, and a multitude of tentacles sprang from the bottom of its gray-green head. No beak like a true squid, but a wide shark-like mouth full of revolting green fangs was set near the bottom of the head with large yellow eyes set near the top. It spoke:

“I am Y’y’y’snotfun, though that is only the short form of my name. I am High Priest of Great Grethgash the Grisly, Greatest of Death Deities.”

When Boozer compared the High Priest to the statue of Grethgash, he noticed a definite similarity, except that the statue seemed to be the same creature made entirely of bone. Even the tentacles were bony.

“I am Boozer, though that is only the short form of my name,” said the Goblin sardonically.

“Boozer, we have been impressed by your sheer fighting ability. Grethgash can always use a good fighter. How would you like to join our cult? The rewards are enormous.”

Boozer wasn’t expecting an invitation to join these guys.

“Think carefully now,” said the high priest. “If you don’t say the right thing, we might just conclude that you’re too dumb to live, and so we’d have to kill you.”

[Did Boozer: (1) say he’d be honored to join their cult of Death and Destruction, (2) tell them he was on an urgent mission for his village and skip back out through the door, or (3) lose his temper and attack them by surprise?]


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