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Boozer thought about it for ten seconds or so. Then he grinned an evil grin. “I do like to kill and destroy things,” he said, “as long as I get to choose my targets. Yes, I will join the worship of great Grethgash!”

“Excellent,” said the High Priest! “Come forward and accept the sign of Grethgash!”


“The sign?” asked Boozer.

“Oh yes,” cackled the High Priest.

Boozer gulped, but walked forward. The priest put a couple of tentacles on his forehead and a lightning bolt of pain shot through his brain–two lightning bolts.

“Welcome, brother Boozer,” said the biggest wolf troll. “Do you feel like killing something for the glory of Grethgash?”

“Yes, I do,” said Boozer. “I feel like killing whoever stole the village’s food supply. Can you help me with that?”

“Yes, take this wand,” said the Chthuloid thing. It pulled a short wand of black wood out from under its robe and gave it to Boozer. If you have the favor of Grethgash, it will always lead you to your next victim.”

Boozer took the wand. It almost jerked out of his hand pulling back toward the forest.

“Before you go,” said the Priest, “Let us give you something.” He handed Boozer a bag of gold lions (90 g.p.) and a surge of power went through the goblin (900 a.p. for joining the cult of Grethgash.)

Boozer stashed the cash and let the black wand pull him to his destiny. As he re-entered the woods, the sun was rising. He ran through the forest, following the pull of the wood in his hand. At one time he came to a stream and stopped for a drink of water. In the morning light, he could see his reflection. Two short curly horns now sprouted from his forehead–the mark of Grethgash.

An hour later he burst through the trees and saw 6 elves in a wagon–the same wagon that usually brought the food to the village. But they were wary and alert–they saw or heard him coming. “Ware, Goblin!” one shouted. Two reached for their bow and arrows; three reached for swords, the driver whipped the giant beetle pulling the wagon into a lumbering run.

Did Boozer: (1) try to dodge the arrows being aimed at him, (2) charge straight at the elves swinging his new mace, or (3) decide that 6 elves against one goblin was too long of odds and disappear into the underbrush before they could get a shot off?


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