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Boozer charged as fast as he could toward Ombar’s wagon with its cargo elves and the village food supply. It was just passing him as he came out of the underbrush.

He saw an elf pull an arrow to his ear and let fly at him, and he knew that elves never miss. He threw himself flat and rolled to one side. (Level 4 DEX saving roll to avoid being hit. Dex 113. Needed a 4 or better. Rolled 11. 44 a.p.) The arrow throbbed into the ground right beside him.

[You see here that Boozer had a Dexterity attribute of 113. T & T attributes can seem absurdly high compared to other frp games, but that’s because we’re really doing fantasy superheroes.]

The second elf waited a second to see if the first elf would nail him. Then he loosed his arrow with an even better chance of skewering this pesky goblin. (Level 8 saving roll on DEX. Needs a 4. Rolled a 9. 72 a.p.)

Boozer knew the arrow was coming. He converted his roll into a vertical leap. The elven arrow tore his boot off as it passed just beneath him. Figuring a third arrow was coming, he caught a low hanging branch and pulled himself behind a tree.

Thunk! A third and a fourth arrow slammed into the tree trunk.

When Boozer stuck his head out from behind the tree trunk, the wagon had disappeared into the forest. A giant beetle being whipped by a frenzied elf can move pretty fast when it wants to.

Boozer recovered his boot, pulled the arrow out of it, and put the arrow into his backpack. Perhaps the village shaman could tell which holt of elves was responsible for the heist.

He had dropped his little black wand while dodging. He picked it up again. It pulled in the direction in which the elves had disappeared. He could follow them if he wished.

Did Boozer: (1) follow the elven thieves and try to catch up with them, or (2) return to Srak Arhan with the elven arrows and tell the elders that their food had been stolen by elves?



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