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Boozer had no difficulty following the wagon through the forest, but it simply moved faster than he could with his short goblin legs, and as a result, he fell further and further behind. He also began to tire. He had been running for hours.

Now the forest began to change its nature. It became lighter and airier–a place more suited for elves than goblins or trolls. Boozer stopped and scratched his head–a thought had just occurred to him. (L3SR on INT. Rolled an 8. Made it. 24 xp.) What if the elves left someone behind to ambush him. Following the main trail, he’d run right into that ambush.

At the very next moment, an elvish arrow twanged into a tree bole not 2 inches from the goblin’s head. Either the elf was a bad shot, or it was just a warning that he was forbidden to enter elvish territory.

Boozer immediately dived into cover and wormed his way forward.

Then he had a stroke of luck. He saw the food wagon overturned in the underbrush ahead of him, and he heard a loud groan–not an elvish groan. The black wand continued to pull him deeper into elvish territory.

There were undoubtedly elves hiding in the trees ahead, and the underbrush, but probably up on the branches. Although he wanted nothing more than to slay the elves, the prospect seemed increasingly perilous. He stopped to consider his options. This is what he sees. Find the hidden elves if you can.

Did Boozer: (1) rely on his woodcraft to sneak up throught he underbrush and slay some elves, or (2) call for a parley to see if he’d be permitted to approach the wagon and rescue the injured person, or (3) turn tail and get back to Srak Arhan now that he was fairly certain that the thievies came from the nearby Everlight Holt.


Khenn Arrth said…to the voting  members of Trollhalla:

You guys are determined to get Boozer killed, aren’t you? The vote for part 9 was: Parley with the elves–8
Slay the elves–12
Return to the village–1.


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