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Save Boozer or not?

Well the adventuring Boozer pushed his luck too far. You should all know these are no wimpy Disney elves you face in Trollworld–they are mean, cruel, capable of warring against Trolls and Dragons on their own ground.

But one of our members has written a kind of trollgod ex machina rescue for Boozer. The question you must now all answer is: do we want to make it part of the offical Goblin quest archive or not?

Khenn Arrth said…

What a bunch of softies you all are! By a vote of 16 to 7, Boozer returns to the land of the living. We have Grimtongue to thank for this remarkable saving roll, made without benefit of dice of any sort.

Goblin Quest–Epilogue

Although abandoned by all, the corpse of Boozer lay on the forest floor as a curious sight to at least one other. She lightly stepped from the ancient tree that was her home. Her steps sounded like the rustle of autumn leaves and her touch was like the softness of spider silk. The goblin was more than a curiosity to her. She ran her fingers slowly across the thick brow of the goblin — leaving a trail of soft sparkling dew behind. Instantly, the horns that had marred the trog’s head began to crack. Slowly, they turned to dark ash and were caught away in the gentle breeze that seemed to constantly issue from wherever the young woman stood.

The corners of her mouth raised up in a slight smile. “They never suited you anyway,” she whispered to the body with wry affection.

She began to walk slowly around the corpse. Her bare feet left no trace of her steps–not even disturbing the dry leaves in her wake. As she continued her sensuous walk, each arrow that pierced the body of the goblin began to withdraw and the wounds sealed over with new skin. One by one the arrows would fall to the ground and, where they settled, they turned green, sprouted leaves and wild berries. As she completed her first full circle and all of the arrows had turned into vines, she stopped. Reaching down, she touched the gnarled black stick that Boozer had been following like a compass. Tracing its outline with her fingers, again she left a silky trail of dew on the surface of the rod. For a moment nothing happened, but then slowly the dew sunk into the gnarled wood.

“Nor did this,” she spoke, as if continuing her thought, but more with a tone of hatred for those that had given the goblin such dark objects. Suddenly, the rod’s deep black changed to the light reddish tan of Hickory bark and several long thin leaves uncurled from the tip.

Stepping back to look at her handiwork, the young nature sprite smiled her approval. “One last thing,” she thought to herself. Each of her cures were unique and needed to be tailored to the creature being healed or they did not work. This was a particularly interesting case and it required much thought for a proper waking.

Slowly, she leaned down to the goblin’s ear. “Boo-ooo-zzz-er,” she gently whispered to the goblin as if to charm him back to life. “Boo-ooo-zzz-er,” again she called but a little louder this time. Standing with a smile, she ungraciously kicked the goblin in the backside as hard as she could. “Wake up you lazy ass!” she screamed and suddenly the goblin began to breathe.

She smiled with pride. “Nice to know I haven’t lost my touch,” she thought to herself. Before Boozer could roll over and see what was going on, there was a flash of light as if it were the glare from the setting sun and Boozer found himself back on the trail leading home. Boozer thought for an instant he had heard a voice whisper that the hickory stick was what he was looking for. As he examined the new rod, curiously, it began to tug his hand in the direction of his ham-beetle that he had stored in his stack.

Urglosh said…


Softies indeed! Back in the days of yore, there were no lucky trail-side resurrections! But I am glad Boozer lives to fight another day – this is quite fun.

Khenn Arrth said…

Don’t get the wrong idea. It was an adventure–a tale that was told. We’re not setting up a permanent campaign against the elves. That’s Dungeons and Dragons thinking. Time to move on to another, totally different adventure.

That was a fairly short adventure. The next one I plan to run here is roughly 5 times as long, and could last well into summer. For tvp tell me in a comment whether I should do it or not. Be honest. I can take criticism. I take it, and I leave it.

The Goblin Quest Adventure is now officially ended.


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  1. Lets save him.

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