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Introduction to the second series of T & T  adventure blogs:

      I like to keep the members of Trollhalla amused. To that end, I often run adventures starring one or more of them, but to keep them engaged in the story, I have the character’s actions determined by a popular vote, thus conforming to the old T & T solo routine. At the end of each turn I usually offer all the logical options the character could take. Sometimes players will come up with options not on my list, and sometimes I accommodate them, but not always. Since I am game-mastering a solo adventure, I reserve the right to change the text and make things more interesting. As  you play along with Dandelion in this adventure, try to think of what you’d do in her circumstances. If you send me an email with your modern choice, I will give you a trollish victory point award–worthless to anyone who is not a member of Trollhalla, but good for those of you who are among the Elite. ( I will make a special offer here. If you are not a member of Trollhalla, but join because you’re reading Dandelion, I will count the tvp that I gave you for responding with Dandelion’s choice as an entry bonus. Now let’s get to the game.     –Ken St. Andre, April 7, 2010

Khenn Arrth via Trollwalla

The Adventures of Dandelion the Ogre in the Moonstone Caves now begin. Ye narrator reserves the right to make things more interesting as he goes along. That was my original comment. As I edit these blogs, I may fictionalize them even more than I did originally. One member of the Elite has criticised me for putting nothing new in the Goblin Quest adventure. I didn’t think I had to because it was about 5 years old, and very few of today’s readers would have seen the original. Well, ok you nameless but critical Ork, I thought the original of Dandelion in the Moonstone Caves was pretty well ficitonalized at the time, but let’s see if I can enhance it a bit more.

The Adventures of Dandelion the Ogre in the Moonstone Caves
Khenn Arrth via Trollmail
Mon, 12 Dec 2005 05:50:01 -0800–[this is the date these adventures started. However, such dates are irrelevant to the content, so you won’t see any more of them.]

as decided by the members of Trollhalla.

One day as Dandelion the Ogre wandered through the ancient forest. clad only in her lion-skin tunic and carrying only her warclub (12d6) and a bag to stuff things into, she came upon some ancient ruins, much overgrown with bushes and flowers. As the bushes were in bloom, she gathered half a sackful of elfinberries, yum taste like elves, before she found the pit with stairs leading down into the darkness.

Looking into the  dark stairway, Dandelion absent-mindedly fingered the lion’s teeth necklace strong on a wire around her thick neck. The sun was terribly bright that day, and the sweat was rolling off her thick hide. It looked cool enough inside the  pit.

Darkness doesn’t scare ogres, and she decided to investigate. Down, down, spiralling down she went and her eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness until the entrance was just a spot of light far behind her. There was something on the stairs ahead of her, but it was just a heap that didn’t move.

She came closer and determined that it was a body, the body of a man or an elf in ancient worn-out armor Apparently it had been trying to get out, but had died almost in sight of the exit.

“Aw,” said Dandelion. “Poor thing.”  She stopped and took a good look at the body.

Did Dandelion:

  1. pick up the body and carry it back upstairs for burial in the forest, or
  2. kick it to one side and continue on down the stairs, or
  3. search the body?

One Comment

  1. Dandelion should search the body.

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