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Dandelion took a closer look at the corpse. It was just bones, held together with scraps of leather belts and old rusted armor. Had probably been there for years. The bones were pretty well chewed and broken.

There was however a leather pouch that had survived fairly well. She took it and opened it.

Inside were three objects–a key, a vial of liquid, and a parchement. All three had writing on them, and the writing was similar enough that she figured it was all in the same language. Dandelion couldn’t read a word of it. Nonetheless, she tucked the pouch into a pocket in her tunic and continued on down the staris.

100 steps further and the stairs flattened out. She found herself at the intersection of two paths. Glowing moonstones set into the walls at the intersection gave a dim and pearly light.

Should Dandelion go: (1) left, (2) right, (3) straight ahead, or (4) back up the stairs?


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