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Dandelion stood in the intersection and decided which way to go. She decided these were some of the finest dungeon tunnels she had ever seen–25 feet high, 20 feet wide, nice level floor, smooth walls with some cryptic signs painted on with blood or black ink or something. Which way to go?

The longer she stood there, the more it seemed like there was a glimmer of light coming from the tunnel to the left. She decided to check it out, and ambled off down that tunnel. It was pretty long–she must have walked for a hundred strides before she noticed that she was coming to another intersection. This one had moonstsones set in on all four corners, but they weren’t in her corridor–more like the intersecting one.  Their pearly white radiance brightened the intersection considerably.

She reached the intersection and looked around. To her left was a good-sized cave with a lot of hay on the floor inside it. There was also a campfire, and four uruks sat around it, gnawing on meaty bones and drinking beer from leather jacks.

Ahead of her the corridor vanished off into the darkness. To her right, a short corridor ended with a stony door blocking it off.

(portrait of Dandelion the Ogre)


The Uruks clearly weren’t expecting company, but one of them looked up and saw a female ogre standing in the intersection about thirty feet away. She was looking at them. “Um, guys,” he said, in a snarly voice. “There’s an ogress out there in the hall.” The other three jumped up and grabbed for their scimitars.

[What did Dandelion do?:


  • Attack! Charge into them, swinging her club, or
  • say, “woops” and run away–if so, which direction, or
  • emit a mighty ogrish bellow and try to frighten them all, or
  • try to strike up a conversation? ]

 OUT OF CONTEXT: I have right now three renders of Dandelion the Ogress by Greywulf that I hope to feature in one of the next few blogs. I like them a lot.  I am also hoping to showcase the art of some other fantasy fan artists here on the web. If you do art, and would like to contribute to Dandelion’s adventure, contact me at:


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  1. Charge in swinging her club.

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