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Dandelion advanced on the Uruks and began to speak in a non-threatening manner, that is, the club was not cocked and ready to swing, she was smiling, and one hand was empty.

Their initial expressions of alarm changed to confusion.

“So I was out picking elfinberries, they taste like elves, y’know, and they’re not so good for danishes or tarts but mix a little gravy in with them and you gots yourself a hearty meal… hey, do you guys live around here? We might be neighbors. I didn’t know I had any neighbors but I suppose if I do I ought to be all neighborly-like and, uh, how does one go about being neighborly-like? You can come over for a cup of mint tea, but I have to warn you, if you’re anything like me, it’ll give you a real head-trip. Wooo! Dancing rainbow city, there. Did you know mint is in the catnip family? Or is catnip in the mint family? I always get those two mixed up.”

Akkr, leader of this group, was first to recover. “What are you doing down here, you crazy ogre lady? We’re not buying any elfinberries today.”

“Oh, I’m not selling cave to cave if that’s what you think,” laughed the ogress. “I’m just exploring. What is this place?”

“This is Moonstone Caves,” answered Blaggr, another of the Uruks. “You think you can just go exploring people’s homes whenever you want to?”

“Yes,” said Dandelion, hefting her club. “Can’t I?”

“It’s fine with me,” chimed in Ugrozz. “I like to do a little exploring myself.”

“I see you guys were eating,” said Dandelion. “Can I have some lunch with you? I’ll share my elfinberries.” She grinned.

“Um, no. We were just finishing. Anyway, we must go on patrol.”

“Yer welcome to the campfire, if you like.”

The uruks began to sidle past her.

“Maybe we’ll see you again. If we do, remember the password for today is “horrible”.”

“Yar, as in Hagor the Horrible.”

“Who’s Hagor the Horrible?” Dandelion asked, but it was too late.

Once the uruks were past her and into the intersection, they set off at a lope in the direction from which Dandelion had come, leaving her alone with a dying campfire in a cave mostly full of hay.

[What did Dandelion do next? Did she:

  1. build up the campfire (with some hay) and sit down to wait for the uruks to return?
  2. search the cave?
  3. return to intersection and turn left to continue exploring?
  4. return to intersection and go straight ahead to the stone door she saw?
  5. return to intersection and turn right to follow the uruks?]

Ken’s comment: That was a perfect example of talking your way through a situation.¬† Dandelion probably couldn’t handle all four uruks in straight up combat, but she surprised them with a line of patter, made them nervous, and they all left–certainly a win-win situation for all of them. I doubt if a single human adventurer would have come off so well, though.



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  1. Search the cave.

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