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Dandelion shambled out of the hay cave carrying her mighty club in one hand, and crowbar and sack of elfin berries in the other, straight through the intersection and about another 50 feet down the corridor till it was blocked off by a stone door.

She stopped and put her ear up to the stone. Not a sound did she hear. She rapped on the door with the crowbar. Not a sound did she hear other than her own banging and few high-pitched squeaks.

She pushed against the door, not seeing any handle or knob. It remained closed. “Locked,” she thought, “or maybe just heavy.”

[(It almost seems a shame to ask the next question but . . . ) Did Dandelion:

  1. break and enter the room?
  2. turn back and return to the hay cave?
  3. turn back and go right at intersection?
  4. turn back and go left at intersection?]

Note from Ken: I realize that these segments of Dandy’s adventure are ridiculously short right now. That can be a consequence of online gaming. Decision points are close together. One reason I’m giving you these shorties is that I’m getting very cool renders from Greywulf, and I don’t want to use them all at once. Spread them out–increase the pleasure. I promise that these adventures will get more substantial as time goes on.


One Comment

  1. Dandelion should break and enter the room.

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