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Dandelion couldn’t get the door open. And she had a crowbar in her hand.

A few inches of stone was not going to stop a determined ogre. So she broke the door down,tossing the chips of stone and rubble into the corridor behind her.

When she had a large enough hole in the door, she looked inside. It was very dark in there, but she could tell some large bulk was lying on the floor.

She went back to the intersection and took one of the torches placed there. Then she returned to the room, enlarged the hole, kicked the rest of the broken door out of the way, and stepped inside.

She was in a roughly pentagonal chamber about 30 feet across. To the north was another stone door, and alwo to the west. On the floor in the center of the room was painted a big red star with the points of the star reaching the corners of the room. Inside the inner pentagon was a huge skeleton–just about Dandelion’s size. Llying amidst the shattered rib bones was a massive golden breastplate inset with 7 jewels. Closer examination showed they were all milky blue moonstones and that the breastplate had originally hung down from the corpse’s neck.


“Um,” said Dandelion. “That looks a lot like an ogre skeleton. Nice bit of jewelry, but . . . I wonder why it was left behind when whoever killed it looted the body.” She examined the breastplate necklace more carefully. On the back of the gold were several lines of writing in a language she did not understand. She couldn’t tell for sure, but this was just the kind of thing that almost always had enchantments involved.

Some mice scurried away from where they’d been gnawing on the foot bones when Dandelion stomped into the room.

[What did Dandlion do next?

Did she:

  1. take the moonstone necklace and wear it?
  2. take the moonstone necklace and put it in her sack?
  3. leave it and chase mice?]

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