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Dandelion stood looking at the moonstone necklace for a long time. It had obviously been crafted for an Ogre, and it would have fit on her quite nicely, but a little voice kept telling her that the last person to wear it had died. She looked at the writing on the back of the gold plate–it seemed similar to the writing on the key, and the parchment–all full of strange curves and triangular dots. It was not quite like anything she’d ever seen before, but the more she looked at it, the more she felt it had to be some older form of Elvish. After all, the corpse on the stairway could easily have been elfin.

Shaking off such thoughts–what good did they do, she stuffed the moonstone necklace in her sack with the key and parchment, and looked around for an exit. Closer examination showed that the heavy stone doors that closed all three entrances were meant to pivot outwards, not inwards, and had no locking mechanism.

She remembered the door before she demolished it, and it had no outward handle or knob. Whoever built this room meant for it to be opened only from the inside. Very strange.

She could walk out through the northern or western doors simply by pushing kind of hard and swinging them open.

[What did Dandelion do:

  1. go south through broken door and turn left?
  2. go south through broken door and go straight into cave full of straw?
  3. go south through broken door and turn right?
  4. open door to west and go that way?
  5. open door to north and go that way?]

One Comment

  1. I vote for 3. go south through broken door and turn right.

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