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Dandelion pushed the door to the north open and shambled on down a long, long dark hallway. She still had the torch she had taken from intersection.

The hall continued for at least 200 feet, and then made a 90 degree turn to the right. Some 50 feet ahead of her, she saw a lighted doorway.

Something glinted at her feet. Looking down, she saw two gold pieces. She picked them up and put them in the sack. Then continued walking.

She listened carefully, but heard nothing as she approached the room ahead of her. Looking inside she saw a large, mostly empty, rectangular room, some 200 feet long by 50 feet wide. She was standing at the western door.

Inside the room were several comfy chairs of varous sizes, some even large enough for ogres.

Standing up against the north wall was a very large strange box. It had a handle on one side that looked like it could be pulled. It had 3 little windows in the center and shown behind one window was a sword; behind the middle window was a lightning bolt, and behind the third window was a gem. The box appeared to be made of brightly polished brass and was decoreated with flowers in an intaglio pattern–except that these flowers were grinning skulls. There was a slot just to one side of the windows that seemed just the right size to take a gold piece. Dandelion had never seen anything like it before.

Dandelion found a strange machine.

Hanging in the center of the room was a bell with a cord hanging all the way down to the floor.

There were doors to the east, south, and west. What did Dandelion do?

[Did she:

  1. ring the bell?
  2. sit down in a comfy chair and see what would happen?
  3. try to pull the handle of the strange machine?
  4. put a coin in the slot and pull the handle of the strange machine?
  5. ignore everything and exit through the south door?
  6. ignore everything and exit through the east door?]

[Trollhalla members were wondering what Dandelion’s attribute statistics were. Here they are:

STR  - 45
CON  - 33
INT  - 72
WIZ  - 51
LK   - 29
DEX  - 60
CHR  - 15
SPD  - 17
Adds - 103

As you can see, she is remarkably smart for an ogre, and not as much of a basher as she ought to be for an adventure like this.]

One Comment

  1. I vote for (4) put a coin in the slot and pull the handle of the strange machine.

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