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Dandelion looked around the strange room, but only one thing drew her interest–the strange machine by the north wall. She looked at it carefully, and quickly deduced that it would only work if fed a coin. She had an overwhelming urge to see it in action.

She took the two gold coins out of her sack, pinched one in a mighty paw, and stood in front of the strange machine. She put one in the slot and listened to it clink down into the machine. Then she grasped the handle and pulled it down strongly.

The pictures behind the windows began to move, not all at the same speed, faster and faster until it was just a blur. Then they began to slow, and Dandelion watched. What would the machine deliver?

[Roll 2d6 and tell the trollgod the result. Doubles do not add and roll over.


Khenn Arrth on Trollwalla


As you have probably all deduced, my plan was to have you all roll 2D6 and in keeping with the consensus style of play, whatever number got rolled the most often would be the one that determines what the slot machine did. Statisticallly, that should have been the number 7, but in the 25 rolls submitted, 7 only came up once. However, the second most likely number did come in first–8 was rolled 5 times out of 25, and 9, which is one notch down in probabability came up 4 times. Perhaps that should be a cautionary rule for writing fiction or living your life–always go with the second most likely possibility.

The interactivity is minimal here, simply rolling dice and emailing the results, but there is some.  Meanwhile, three years later, back at this blog, you can see the ill effects of depending too much on anyone but yourself.  I waited all week for a new pic from Greywulf, but the man is apparently busy with his own projects and didin’t do anything for me. That’s ok. There is no reason why he should. I had a busy week in other ways as well, and the tale of Dandelion languished.  I promise I will kick this blog into gear, and do one at least evey 2 days, whether I have art for it or not.



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