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The little pictures whirled past, and the pictures revolved with a marvelous racheddy racheddy noise, but the handle also came off in Dandelion’s hand.

“Oops,” said Dandelion. “Don’t know my own strangth!”

Then the pictures stopped and locked in place. Three glittering diamonds!

Klang! Klinkety, klankety, klinkety klink klink klink rattle rattle, click. Many gold coins spilled out of a kind of spout into a tray located down around Dandelion’s ankles.



“Wow,” said Dandelion. “It gave me money.” She started scooping the coins into the bag and counted them as she did so, There were exactly 50 of them.

“That was kind of fun,” said Dandelion, “but I think I broke it.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. “Money came out of the funny box. I wonder if there is a lot more money inside the box still.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. “I have this nice crowbar that i found, and I bet it would be really good at helping me open up the box to see if there’s more money inside.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. “I wonder why the box has all these little skulls on it. Skulls generally indicate dead people. I wonder if the box might have killed me instead of giving me money.”

“Hmmmm,” said Dandelion, setting down her big club and sack of loot and slapping the crowbar back and forth in her big paws. “Should I do it?”

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. use the crowbar to open up the box?
  2. leave the box alone?]

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