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Dandelion started toward the magic box with crowbar in hand, inserted it’s pointy edge into a crack in the machine, and then caught sight of a line of skulls grinning at her. A guilty feeling came over her, as she looked at the lever in her hand. “I broke it enough,” she said. “What shall I do now?”

[Dandelion’s choices:

  1. leave through exit to the west.
  2. leave through exit to the south.
  3. leave through exit to the north.
  4. pull on the rope and ring the big bell haning from ceiling.
  5. sit down in a comfy chair and rest a while.

(No, taking the magic box along is not an option. It seems to be attached to the wall. and is too big anc clunky for even an ogre to carry around comfortably.)]

Ken’s note: I have found that when running an online game for players at Trollhalla that decisions often come very close together. In face to face play that keeps the game moving along at a good clip. In play by email play, that breaks the game down into unbearably short segments and actually slows things down. The good part was that I got through each segment quickly and could get on with other things–and there are lots and lots of other things in my life. The bad part is the game slows down and future readers like yourself get just a tiny snip. I’d run parts 12 and 13 together except that I’m hoping Greywulf will forget about the problem of rendering a slot machine and go on with the problem of rendering a horde of horrid hobbits that is coming up very soon.


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