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Having backed away from the slightly broken magic box, Dandelion bumped into the rope hanging down from the ceiling.

“I wonder what this does,” she said. “Only one way to find out. Oh, what a pretty bell!”

She pulled strongly on the cord.

“Rong! Rong! Ronnnnnnggggggggg!” The iron tones of the bell filled the dungeon caves with sound. She heard echoes. “rong. rong. ronnnngggg!”

“Wow,” said Dandelion, “that was loud! But nothing seems to have changed.

She spoke too soon, because before she could decide what to do next, and before the echoes had entirely died out of her skull, she heard the slap of many running feet on stone, and into the room burst small monsters! Dandelion looked in bewilderment at 14…

hobbs! Not one of them was more than 3 feet tall–they barely came up to her knees.

But they didn’t look like any hobbs she had ever seen before. Their skins were a fiery red color, and they dressed in ragged loin-cloths. They carried knives and forks and other implements of destruction, and they all looked very hungry.  Dandelion sensed that her usual line of snappy patter wasn’t going to mean much to these guys.

They made a howling noise “ulu ulu ulu ulu!” They looked hostile. One group of five came from the north, another group of nine came from the south. The doorway to the west, by which she had entered was clear.


[What should Dandelion do?

  1. Throw down her weapons and surrender?
  2. Attack the group to the north?
  3. Attack the group to the south?
  4. Yell stop! in her loudest voice and try to get a parley going?
  5. Run for her life to the west?]

Trollwalla commentary

Mahrundl said… “Oh dear! I think we chose ‘Rong’…”

Gimor Ironfang said… “‘rong’ indeed
See Dandelion.
See 14 black hobbs.
See Dandelion run.
Run, Dandelion! RUN!!”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Okay. There’s a bell in a room filled with deadly artifacts, in a dungeon, and if I ring it, hostile critters come running and surround me brandishing weapons. Stand up if you’re surprised by this. Now hold still. I’m going to use you to practice playing Whack-A-Mole, because I’m obviously going to need the skill.”

Tmuwo said… “But Dandelion, the bell was hanging with the comfy chairs! Obviously the hobbs are there to kill *for* you, not kill you. Just sit down and relax. You’ll see. ;^).”

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