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“Ulu! Ulu! Ulu! Ulu!” howled the black hobbs as they spread out to surround the ogress. They waved their flensing knives menacingly, and advanced in tiny steps.

“STOP!” bellowed Dandelion at the top of her lungs. (Charisma saving roll here. She rolls 6 and 6, then 4 and 1. CHR = 15 + 17 = 32. Good enough for 3rd level SR. Dandelion is a level 7 rogue at the moment, I think, and if we add in the level bonus that’s 39. Good enough for a L4SR. 68 ap for Dandelion.) Four of the little monsters actually blanched, wet themselves, dropped their knives and turned to flee, but were grabbed by their partners before they got far.

Still, it bought her a moment to think. At that moment she wondered if magic might not be a better tactic. Of course, Dandelion had never done any magic in her life, but ever since she picked up the moonstone necklace she had been having an uneasy feeling that something was wrong or right or changing. Maybe she ought to try putting that necklace on.

It was in the sack, and so were the 51 gold pieces. Black hobbs were notoriously greedy little buggers–she had an idea.

Scooping out a big handful of coins she tossed them up and to one side so that suddenly gold coins were raining down on the hobbs. And she followed it up with another handful to the opposite side. “Stop and have some gold!” she bellowed.

When the hobbs saw gold coins falling around them, they forgot about the ogress and dived for the money. Still, Dandelion knew this would only hold them for a few seconds.

Then her hand inside the sack came into contact with the moonstone necklace, and a kind of chill shot through her body, almost as if she knew something she couldn’t quite remember.

[What did Dandelion do?

  1. Did she use the momentary distraction to try dashing through the hobbs and escape? If so, what direction, north, south, or west?
  2. Did she use the momentary distraction to make a surprise attack on the hobbs? (1 combat round unopposed.)
  3. Did she put on the moonstone necklace?
  4. Did she hurl the necklace away from her as a further bribe to the hobbs?]

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