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The moment her fingers touched the Moonstone Necklace Dandelion had this almost overwhelming compulsion to put it on. Part of her mind said “you could smash a few hobbs and escape”, but it was like a dozen other voices were clamoring for her to put the necklace on.

As it settled in place on her breast, with dark hobbs still scrambling around trying to pick up the gold she had thrown to them, it seemed to her as if she knew a great many spells, and the urge to cast one overwhelmed her urge to fight and run. She had never cast a spell before. What would it feel like?

Three spells suggested themselves to her. They had the quaint titles of “Oh Go Away”, “Hidey Hole”, and “Firestorm of Protest”.

Dandelion saw an intricate pattern in her mind; she began to twist the fingers of one hand through an elaborate series of gestures, and she cast:

[What spell did Dandelion cast?

  1. Oh Go Away
  2. Hidey Hole
  3. Firestorm of Protest]

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