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The cool metal settled on Dandelion’s breast, and her mind began to spin with magical possibilities. She heard a cool elven voice speaking in her mind. It said: “trust me! You can handle these vermin.” A complex pattern formed in her mind–a pattern where every cool blue line of fire was broken by a dripping red gash. “Project this upon them!” said the imaginary voice.

Dandelion projected. (Firestorm of Protest) She could almost see a thousand red particles of discord scattering through the room and striking the hobbs.

“That’s my gold piece,” whined a hobb.

“I touched it first,” said another. “So nyah nyah nyah!”

“They are all mine,” said a big one. “I’m the leader, and I get all the treasure.”

“No you’re not!”

“No you don’t!”

“Yes, I do!” he insisted. “And I’ll hit anyone who says different.”

“Not if we hit you first!” Bam!

“Ow! You hit me! And I’m your leader.”

“No, you’re not. I knocked you down. I’m the leader.”

“I’d be a better leader,” said a new voice.

“No! Me! I’m the real leader type around here.”

“Ha! I got more gold pieces than the rest of you,” said another hobb.

“That’s not fair. Let’s make him share.”


“First you gots to catch me.”

“You’re ugly.”

“You’re uglier.”

“Uglier than what?”

“Uglier than an ogre.”

“Let’s ask her.”

“Hey, ogress, who’s the ugliest around here. Sneerffle, right?”

“We don’t need no ogress telling us who’s ugly.”

“Yeah, we can see for ourselves. You’re the ugly one.”

“Oh, yeah, well, you’re stupid.”

“I might be stupid, but I’m the leader.”

“No, you aren’t.”

“That’s my gold.”

The bickering came fast and furious.


A firestorm of potest breaks out among the hobbs.

“Wow,” thought Dandelion. “That is a pretty awesome spell. I wonder if they could even defend themselves when bickering like this.”

[What did Dandelion do?

Did she:

  1. attack the hobbs?
  2. leave through the north door?
  3. leave through the west door?
  4. leave through the south door?]

One Comment

  1. Keep posting these Ken. Very entertaining.

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