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“This is wild,” said Dandelion as she watched half a dozen fist fights break out among the hobbs, and heard them chanting “Fight, fight, fight!”. “I bet I could slay a lot of them before they remembered to gang up on me, but could I take them all? Probably not.”

Having reached this conclusion, she slipped out through the north door, and shut it behind her. She found herself in a dark corridor that went only a few feet before turning sharply to the east. A bit of light seeped in from the crack under the door of the room she had just left, but when she turned the corner, all she saw was a faint line of light on the wall. The path ahead of her was pitch black–too dark even for ogre vision.

“This is too dark even for me,” Dandelion said. “I wonder if I know a spell to bring some light.”

“Of course you do,” said the sweet voice in her mind. “A will-o-the-wisp would do.” Dandelion briefly saw a pattern of light in her mind. She projected it out in front of her and there was a dancing ball of light casting a flickering blue illumination around her. The light didn’t go that far, but it was enough to enable her to walk briskly along, which she did for more than 200 feet until she came to the chasm.

Even with the will-o-the-wisp shining down into the pit, Dandelion couldn’t see the bottom of the chasm. It was nearly 20 feet wide.

“I could probably jump across this pit,” Dandelion said to herself as she appraised the situation.”

“Of perhaps you could fly across,” said the voice in her mind.

“Or maybe I should climb down into it and explore the pit,” she thought.

Or maybe I should just go back and wait. Perhasps the hobbs will depart when they don’t see me in the room.”

[What did Dandelion do:

Did she:

  1. leap across the chasm?
  2. use the power of the necklace to fly across the chasm?
  3. climb down into the chasm?
  4. turn back to the room she left about ten minutes ago?
  5. try to fly down to the bottom of the chasm and explore it?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 17.5
Khenn Arrth via Trollmail
Tue, 03 Jan 2006 21:32:11 -0800

From here on, I will probably be posting Dandelion’s attributes with every blog.  Pay attention. This is important. Watch Dandelion’s CON–her Constitution attribute. If it reaches zero, she is dead.  Why did Dandelion find the necklace on a corpse? eh?

STR - 75
CON - 33
INT - 70
WIZ - 23
LK  - 40
DEX - 55
CHR - 10
SPD - 35

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