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“Hmm,” said Dandelion, “an obstacle. It’s not gonna stop me. I’ll just climb down, walk across, and climb back up the other side.”

“You could always fly down, or fly across,” said the elfin voice in her mind.

“I’ll keep that in mind for an emergency,” thought Dandelion. “Right now I’d rather trust my own hands and feet. Who would believe an ogre could fly?”

The lighting was poor. Handholds were not numerous. Dandelion had to be very careful when she climbed. (Level 4 SRs on STR and DEX to go down successfully. Rolls 7 and 11. Makes both of them for 28 and 44 a.p.)

About halfway down she found herself coming to the opening of a huge cave. The smell of decaying meat and long dead things wafted out of it. There was also a bit of a breeze coming up from below.

Looking around, Dandelion saw a wide ledge that she could reach with a bit of sideways climbing, and the ledge led to the cave. Decorating the lege was a lot of bones and some trash. It looked like, over the years, many creatures had come to grief here.

“Hmmm,” thought Dandelion. “A cave inside a cave. I wonder what’s in there.”

What did Dandelion do?

[Did she:

  1. get over to the ledge and investigate the cave?
  2. bypass ledge and cave and continue climbing down?]

One Comment

  1. 1, she goes with choice 1.

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