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Dandelion edged along cautiously toward the ledge that led to the cave. At on point, one of her feet slipped from the rock, and she almost lurched into the abyss.

“This would be so much safer if you just flew over there,” said the elfin voice in her mind.

“Don’t bother me now,” thought Dandelion, “I’m climbing.”

In about a minute she reached the ledge and eased herself down on it. It was easily wide enough to support a young ogress.

The will-o-the-wisp spell died. Darkness enveloped the cavern once again. It wasn’t absolute blackness. A little light seemed to be reflecting off the chasm walls from some place further down. As her eyes adjusted, she found that she could see well enough to get around.

She edged her way along the ledge until she reached the first pile of bones and trash. Old belts, pouches, equipment. There seemed to be quite a lot of trash on the ledge near the entrance to the cave within the Caverns.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” thought Dandelion. “Necklace, what do you think I should do next?”

“Hmmmf!” came the voice in her mind. “I’m not talking to you any more until you apologize.”

Apologize to a piece of jewelry! The concept struck Dandelion as more than a little bit absurd. Ogres who talked to rocks were, for the most part, regarded as insane.

[Well, at the moment she had 3 choices.

Did she:

  1. Apologize to the necklace and open a discussion of what to do next. (If so, what questions should she ask?)
  2. Search a pile of trash for treasure?
  3. Go straight into the very dark cave?]

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