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“You won’t talk to me unless I apologize?” said Dandelion is some mystification.

The moonstone necklace said nothing.

“Are you a person, or a piece of jewelry?”

The moonstone necklace said nothing.

“Alright! I’m very sorry I hurt your feelings. I’m just a dumb ogre, you know. How was I to know that you had feelings that could be hurt?”

“There is something to what you say,” said the necklace. “But you should be more considerate of inanimate people like me.”

“I will, I will,” said Dandelion. “Do you mind if I look through this pile of trash while we talk?”

“It’s kind of rude,” said the necklace, “but you might not have much time left, so I don’t mind.”

“Do you have a name?” asked Dandelion.

“You can call me, Min-Kon”

“How did you get to be a necklace?”

“That was a mistake, I’m afraid. Long ago I was an elfin sorceress. I was trying to learn how to hide my soul outside my body. I sucessfully transferred it to this necklace, and when I did, my body died. And I’ve been trapped like this ever since. Take my advice–keep your soul inside your body at all times.”

“Good advice,” said Dandelion. “Um, if I may ask, what happened to your last owner?”

“You mean my last slave,” said the necklace. “She died in her sleep.”

“Why did she die in her sleep? Could it have anything to do with the weird way I’ve been feeling ever since I put you on?”

“Mmmmmmm, could be!” chimed the necklace. “I supply the magic, you supply the willpower. Kremm must come from somewhere to power it, and it comes from you. To be certain that I have enough kremm to cast any spell you want me to, I convert a small part of your lifeforce into stored magical energy. I’m doing that pretty much all the time.”

“Eep,” said Dandelion. “you’re a dead elfess vampiress necklacess?”

“I’m no vampire, you keep all the energy. I just change it.”

“Can you change it back?”

“That happens automatically when–look out!”

Something rushed out of the cave and attacked Dandelion. She barely had time to throw up her arms before a heavy body crashed into her–wings buffetted her, and knocked her off the ledge. She started to fall.

The creature stayed right with her, claws sunk into her skin. Dandelion got the impression that she had been attacked by some form of giant cave eagle. (6 hits to CON in first buffet.)

The necklace flapped wildly against Dandelion’s breast, but the voice continued calmly enough, almost as if it were enjoying the situation. “This would seem like a good time to cast some magic. Would you prefer to fly, fight, or teleport to (temporary) safety?

[What did Dandelion do:

Did she:

  1. cast fly me through the necklace?
  2. cast a combat spell through the necklace? If so, which one?
  3. cast a wink-wing spell through the necklace to get back up to the ledge?
  4. fall like a stone and fight all the way down?]

One Comment

  1. I suggest that Dandelion casts a ‘Wink Wing’ through the necklace to get back up to the ledge.

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