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Monthly Archives: June 2010

“While I’m in here,” thought Dandelion, “I might as well pick up the gold on the floor. I’m surprised an eagle had so much of it anyway.”

She began a careful search of the cave. It took her about half an hour, and she picked up 200 pieces of gold. More than half of it was actually in the nest.

Actually, it wasn't as easy to find the money as this picture makes it look, but careful searching by Dandelion did locate around 200 gold pieces, many of them in the nest.

“That should buy lunch back in Kozon,” she muttered. “Not much more to do in here.”

She wandered out of the cave, still carrying the torch. It would burn for another hour at least. She saw the big pile of trash she had considered searching a couple hours ago. What an unsavory heap of bones, body parts, moulted feathers, organic waste, and Trollgod alone knows what. Nothing was exactly gleaming and calling out to her, but there might be something valuable if she took the time to search.

On the other hand, what was that strange drumming noise coming from the chasm below?

On the third hand, she was seriously thinking about getting out of these caves.

And on the fourth hand, what was this necklace doing to her life?

[What did Dandelion do? Did she?

  1. Take off the necklace and put it in her sack?
  2. Take off the necklace and throw it away?
  3. Forget about the necklace and search the big pile of trash?
  4. Climb up out of the chasm?
  5. Climb down to the next level?
  6. Use necklace to fly back up out of the cavern?
  7. Use necklace to fly down to the next level?

Speed counts. Notice to new members of Trollhalla, you can particpate in this game also. All you have to do is email Trollgod with your choice. It’s worth tvp. And don’t forget to edit your profile, assign attribute points, choose a picture, etc.]

–Khenn Arrth


Trollwalla Commentary

Gimor Ironfang said… “QUICK!!! Hurl the bitch Min-Kon over the edge and into the chasm – Dandelion has two turns to live otherwise! ”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Search the trash then cast fly me to convert wiz to con…”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “I’m bleeding CON too fast. I need to get rid of the necklace as soon as possible. Then if I fail, I’ll still be alive to try one more thing.”

Adventures of Dandelion, part 31.5
Sat, 21 Jan 2006 12:56:43 -0800

STR  75
Con  25 of 7
INT  70
WIZ  31
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

Trollwalla Commentary

Gimor Ironfang said… “-4 CON = +4 WIZ each turn

With 7 CON left that makes 2 turns until death. Now, if Dekh is correct in that expending WIZ will raise the base CON…”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Ahh, now somebody else said wiz was converted back to con i may be wrong… ”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Poor baby would be good? Perhaps? Maybe? OK just chuck it :0) ”

Naharaht said… “If the necklace is capable of doing it, Dandelion has enough WIZ to cast ‘Blow me to…’. If the Trollgod would allow it Dandelion could go home and then ditch the necklace till her next adventure.”

Meanwhile, back in Trollhalla, they pondered what the Ogress should do next.


And now a word from my sponsor, Drive-Thru RPG.  I actually did a very minimal review for a Tunnels & Trolls product this morning. I thought I might reproduce it here.

The description of the product says: 

TrollsZine 2 is the second edition of a fan created magazine for Tunnels and Trolls, edited by Dan Prentice and Kevin Bracey. This issue has 91 pages of great reading for the T&T aficionado and the general fantasy roleplayer including; Magic items, Monsters, Kindred, NPC’s, Rejected Spells, Warrior weapon techniques, Fiction, a Solo Dungeon, an Adventure, Delverton, How to become a God, How to write a solo dungeon and more. Contributors include Ken St. Andre, Tom Grimshaw, W.Scott Grant, Lee Reynoldson, Jeff Freels, Eric Olson, Randy Whitley, Salvatore Macri, Tom K.Loney and Dan Prentice. Ilustrated with sensational art by Jeff Freels, Kevin Bracey, David Ullery, Mike Hill, Celina Bene, Ida Enbrant, Chad Thorson and Simon Tranter. Brought to you with the kind support of Flying Buffalo Inc.

And my review says:

TrollZine 2 is an excellent source of supplemental information for players of the Tunnels and Trolls rpg, and a good read for fantasy lovers in general. And, you can’t beat the price. Just about the only criticism one can make is that there is just too much good stuff.Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]Heh! It is remarkably easy to be a featured reviewer. If I didn’t spend my time working all day, I’d be tossing off 10 of these brief reviews per day. Considering how many people buy games and other products from Drive-Thru, I am really surprised that every product they’re selling doesn’t have at least 5 or 10 reviews.

Dandelion had taken one of the few torches she’d seen on the cave walls, and extinguished it when she didn’t need the light. She also carried flint and steel and a small amount of dry straw to use as tinder in her bag. (She picked some up in the cave full of straw). Taking out a handful, she quickly struck some sparks, got the tinder going in a tiny fire, and lit the torch.

By the flickering torchlight, she saw she was in a good-sized semicircular depression, possibly carved out of the stone by intelligent beings. In the center was a huge nest of sticks, and scraps of clothing, straw, bones, etc. In the center of the nest were three eagle eggs, each as large as Dandelion’s head.

Dandelion finds the eagle's treasure.

“You should eat some of those eggs,” said the necklace. “They are slightly magical.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. She continued looking around. On close examination, she found a coin–an old gold piece with some unfamiliar face on one side and a mountain on the other. Moving around, she found another. It was possible that coins were widely scattered through the cave.

[She could also search the nest, but she’d have to tear it apart to do that. Or, she could leave the cave and get on with her exploration. What did Dandelion do?

Did she:

  1. take the three eggs and put them in her sack?
  2. eat an egg on the spot?
  3. search the cave thoroughly and pick up all the gold coins?
  4. leave the cave and search the piles of trash outside it?
  5. leave the cave and climb up?
  6. leave the cave and climb down?
  7. leave the cave and cast “fly me” to go up or down?]


I have a special treat for all of you Greywulf fans who are following this blog, and also kind of a warning about how closely artist and writer should work together. I assume that Greywulf reads these blogs when I send him the rough draft before publishing, but sometimes I just say something like the next episode has Dandy finding three eagle eggs. So I sent him this warning, and this is what I got:

Dandelion can't believe her eyes.

I admit that this image is more fantastic than the one that’s actually in the blog, but alas, I couldn’t use it because the rest of the story calls for Dandelion to have at least two eggs with her.  Greywulf called me a spoilsport for not using the first image with the big eggs.  Now that you’ve seen both pictures, which do you think is the better render?



The dying eagle tumbled off the side of the ledge and fell to its doom.

Feeling strangely tired and washed out, Dandelion staggered off to the side of the cave, sat down, and took the necklace’s advice to rest. Before long her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

Nearly an hour later she woke up, feeling refreshed, disoriented, and a bit nauseous. In fact, it was the bile rising in her throat that made her wake up.

“Ah, good,” said the necklace. “You have some magical power again. Not as much as you need, but we’re no longer helpless.”

“I don’t feel so good,” said Dandelion.

“You could rest some more,” said the necklace. “Perhaps another hour . . .” it said seductively.

Dandelion pulled herself to her feet. “I don’t think so,” she said. “I felt better before I rested. If I rest again, I might just die in my sleep.”

“I need to get back to exploring, or maybe find my way back out of these caves.”

“You might need some light,” suggested the necklace.

[What did Dandelion do next?

  1. Did she use flint and steel to make a light and explore the cave?
  2. Did she use the necklace to cast “Will-o-the-wisp and explore the cave?
  3. Did she exit the cave and search the pile of trash?
  4. Did she exit the cave and continue climbing down the chasm wall?
  5. Did she exit the cave and climb up the chasm wall?
  6. Did she exit the cave and cast “fly me” to go either up or down?

Adventures of Dandelion, part 28.5
Mon, 16 Jan 2006 19:23:27 -0800

The posting of Dandelion’s attribute stats is vital to what is happening in this game.You might want to watch the relationship between Constitution (her health) and WIZ (her ability to use the necklace to cast spells).

This post also generated more comments than any other post in the series. Dandelion slept for 5 complete game turns. During that time she did nothing. Tunnels and Trolls monsters tend to regenerate when they aren’t knocking themselves out, so Dandy is actually in better shape now than she has been for several turns.

STR  75
Con  21
INT  70
WIZ  17
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required.

Trollwalla Commentary


Dandelion said… Whew! I’m still alive. And my middle name appears to be ‘the’, Naharaht, but I still enjoy the occasional roast human with fava beans and a nice Chianti. Maybe Hannibal and I bought the same cookbook. I got mine from that flying silver bookmobile. Maybe he did too.

Rraff said… Alive? not for very much longer if your Con keeps plummeting like that. I propose a write-in campaign for the next turn: TAKE OFF THE NECKLACE! HURL IT INTO THE PIT!

Toll said… The necklace merely wants to be her best friend. You wouldn’t let your bestest friend starve to death, would you? Just a few CON points an hour. A big ogress-type like Dandelion could handle that for almost a whole day.

Naharaht said… It is a pity that the Eagle fell into the pit. I was hoping that Dandelion would barbeque it. I imagine that it would taste like chicken although a bit tougher.

Dandelion said… Ogre tires easily. Thus the mediocre (at best) CON. Ogre thinks she may participate in Rrraff’s write-in campaign.

Taran said… I knew we shouldn’t have rested poor Dandy! Then again, I voted for attack the eagle and knock it off the ledge, which happened anyway. Oh well.

Khenn Arrth said…

Voting on turn 28 is closed. The results are:

  • will-o-the-wisp: 2
  • flint and steel: 15
  • go out and search trash: 3
  • go out and climb out of cave area: 1

Dekhurrsio said… In dandelion’s continuing adventures can we make sure that she’s used up all her wiz before sleeping or chuck the necklace in the bin?

BTW I fancy eggs :o)

Vin Ahrr Vin said… “By the way — did I miss something in Dandelion’s quest? Why were sessions #24-28 numbered together?”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “I was sleeping, Vin.]

“What do you mean, I’m poisoned?” Dandelion asked the necklace.

“The eagle’s claws are filthy,” Min-Kon answered. “They made you bleed. You already have blood poisoning. If left untreated your flesh will start to mortify and you will surely die.”

“Oh, is there a spell to deal with poisons?” Her mind instantly filled with spells. “Oh, I see there is.” Dandelion concentrated. “Too Bad Toxin!” she shouted. There was a feeling like fire that ran through her blood. It hit her so suddenly that she bellowed in pain and the echoes of the cave made it seem as if a dozen ogres were bellowing. “Arrrrrghhh!” (L4SR on INT to cast. Needs a 4 or better. Rolls 15 with 2 doubles. 60 a.p.)

In the darkness Dandelion really couldn’t tell how badly she had been wounded by the eagle, but she could feel herself bleeding from multiple punctures and scratches. “Is there a spell to heal me?” she asked Min-Kon.

“Of course,” the necklace replied. “But there is a problem. You don’t have enough kremm left to do much healing.”

“Can we stop the bleeding?”

“Yes, you can manage that much.”

“Then let’s cast the healing spell.” A pattern filled Dandelion’s mind–like a broken snowflake putting itself back together. She put forth her will. (L2SR on INT. Needs 4, rolls 6. 12 a.p.

A feeling of warmth and well-being filled her. The bleeding stopped and the scratches and punctures scabbed over. Unfortunately, the feeling did not last for very long, and the burning sensations in the wounds soon returned.

Dandelion felt a lot better. She could still feel her wounds, but she felt a lot better anyway. Was it possible to be healthy while hurt?

She could still hear the eagle screeching somewhere out on the ledge. She had hurt it badly, broken at least one wing, smashed its beak, but it was still alive.

“No rest for the weary,” Dandelion said. “What should I do now, Min-Kon?”

“Rest,” said the necklace in a whisper so faint Dandelion wasn’t sure she even heard it.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. Follow the eagle outside and attack it again?
  2. Crawl over to one side of the cave and rest? If so, for how long?
  3. Make a light with flint and steel and explore the cave?
  4. Take off the necklace and put it back in her treasure sack?

Adventures of Dandelion, part 23.5
Khenn Arrth via Trollmail
Sat, 14 Jan 2006 17:07:15 -0800

STR  75
Con  35
INT  70
WIZ   1
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

Note that the Necklace has used up as much of Dandelion's reserve of WIZ as is possible.
 It could take several hours of game time to build her WIZ back up to levels that would allow
 her to work more magic. By checking the character attribute stats, we now see that the necklace
knows the spells, but Dandy has to power them. She has become a kind of living battery for a thing
that just wants to keep casting magic all the time. That can't be good for her.]

Hey, I was gonna pop in another picture from a Drive-thru RPG product and say look at this, but it occurred
to me that I've got a couple such products of my own. Since this is a blog about an adventuring ogress,
let's talk about a game that ogres play. Gaming has always been a big part of human life. Why should it
be any different for the nonhuman races of Trollworld So here it is, the game that ogres in Trollworld
play with each other when they're not herding sheep or terrorizing human villages: Ogreocre.

How Ogres Hve Fun..

This is a party game for Ogres in Trollworld. In spite of the gruesome cover, no blood is involved at all. At least not much--the occasional brawl might break out among the players. You can get a better look at it here:

Dandelion could see fairly well in the dark, but it was really dark in that part of the Moonstone Caverns. The walls of the chasm were just solider parts of the darkness, as was the ledge underfoot. When the eagle rose up above the ledge on great flapping wings, it was simply a black cutout of a giant bird against the fainter gray obscurity all around it. The cave mouth that Dandelion sought showed only as and even blacker hole in the darkness that was the wall.

Kicking bones and trash out of her way because she had no time to watch where she was going, Dandelion moved cautiously but swiftly toward the cave.

And it was loud. The eagle had screeched when it first attacked her, and then had been mostly silent as the two fell together, but now that it was circling around for another diving attack, it began shrieking again, and so loudly that Dandelion’s ears hurt from the noise. It was difficult to hear onself think in this racket, much less the soft voice of Min-Kon.

“SHREEEEEEEEEEEE CHEEEEEEQQQQQQQQQQ!” Just to give you the faintest idea of the cacophony . . .

Dandelion thought about throwing a spell at the cave eagle, but when she did, she got a baaaaad feeling–much as if she had swallowed ice and there was a lump of the cold stuff in her stomach.

She ducked into the cave mouth just as the bird swooped through the space where she had been standing.

Dandelion in the dark ready for a fight.

Compared to the darkness inside the cave, the darkness outside it was almost as bright as early dawn. Here came the eagle, screeching its lungs out, diving toward the cave mouth like a guided missile. Dandelion held her club in a two-handed grip and prepared to make a mighty swing when the eagle came into range.

original eagle combat picture by Kevin Bracey.

But, it didn’t fly into her club like a fastball in a baseball game. Instead it stopped short and lurched back in the air, and Dandelion’s swining club swooshed by harmlessly until the backswing banged into a stone wall and almost jarred the big piece of wood out of her hands. Meanwhile, the eagle landed, and scuttled forward, pecking with its huge curved beak and flailing with its mighty wings.

And then began a strange melee as the bird darted in and out, trying to rip her open with its talons, or buffet her with huge wings, or gore her with its tearing beak. Sometimes airborne, sometimes on the ground, always flickering in and out with savage speed and intensity. Dandelion flailed and punched and kicked, sometimes fending the bird away from her face and throat–usually missing completely.

Eagle: Monster rating 200 on the ground and in limited area–400 in the open. 21D6 +100.

Dandelion: 12D6 + 155.

Round 1:
Eagle: 187 + 5 spite.
Ogre: 205 + 4 spite.

In the first mad flurry of combat, Dandelion felt eagle talons rip along her leg, opening a horrid wound. But she also felt her club connect more than once with eagle body or wing.

Dandelion’s Con: 29.

Round 2:
Eagle: 161 + 4 spite.
Ogre: 191 +1 spite.

Although she hit it more than once the eagle also scored, doing more damage with a rip in Dandelion’s cheek that barely missed her eye.

Dandelion’s Con: 25.

Round 3:
Eagle: 158 + 1 spite.
Ogre: 197 + 1 spite.

It was hard to tell, but the eagle seemed to be weakening. It only nicked her once, though even that one hit with the beak stung badly.

Dandelion’s Con: 24.

Round 4:
Eagle 121 + 4 spite.
Ogre: 203 + 3 spite.

After 6 minutes of fighting, Dandelion finally hit the bird solidly–so solidly that she heard bones break and the screeching turned to terror. But she took another bad gouge herself.

Dandelion’s Con: 20.

The badly wounded eagle tried to flutter and scurry away from the ogress. One wing was broken so it couldn’t fly any more. Dandelion thought she could finish it off with one more effort, but she was bleeding badly in several places.

The voice of the necklace sounded in her mind. “You could heal yourself by using magic,” it said. “And do you know that you have been poisoned?”

Dandelion didn’t know that. She was in a lot of pain, and maddened with a desire to slay that foul fowl.

[ What did she do:

  1. Follow the wounded eagle and finish it off?
  2. Make a light to see what was in the cave with her?
  3. Sit down and let the necklace heal her of her wounds and poisoning?]


I bet I could modify this to play with Tunnels and Trolls.

This is the most recent of all the great free stuff that has come to me lately. Looks like a helluvan adventure, and since it’s for D & D4E it should be an easy thing to modify into whatever game system you prefer.  You can find it, very reasonably priced, at Drive-Thru RPG.

End of commercial.  (grin)

What’s this you say?  A commercial? You have a sponsor? When did that happen?

Actually, it happened around June 4, 2010.  Sean Patrick Fanon of Drive-thru RPG is offering help and support to lots of RPG blogs like this one. I could try to explain it all, or I could just quote him. So, I’ll quote him. That’s a simple copy and paste operation. Comments in Bold are mine; comments in regular type come from Mr. Fanon. (After all, this is my blog.) (grin)

More Good Stuff Than You know What To Do With.

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There, now don’t say I never gave you nothing. When goodies come my way, I pass them along to my readers.
This blog is normally the home of the lovely and ferocious she-ogre named Dandelion. She is currently fighting for her life with a giant cave-eagle.  Who knew there even were such things? The blog has been featuring the amazing renders of Greywulf, and has been slowing down because his amazing renders are getting further apart. This is because his life has become much busier lately, and while that may be good for him, it’s not so good for Dandelion. Tomorrow I’m posting her next segment whether I have a render for it or not. In the mean time, here’s a picture of the fight done by my original artist, Quoghmyre, the southernmost troll of Trollhalla (known mundanely as Kevin Bracey). I think he’s a very fine artist indeed, altho quite different from Greywulf, and I wish I had more illos from him for this story.


Remember, to get a free goody from Drive-Thru RPG, leave a comment including your email address. First come, first served, and like any contest, the decision of the judge, namely me, is final. And comments on Dandelion’s story would also be welcome.


Dandelion thought this would be a good time for magic. The moment she made that decision, varous possibilities flashed into her mind. There was one for flying, and one for popping back onto the ledge, and one for blasting the eagle with magic. Of the the three, she liked the one for putting her feet back on solid ground the best. She concentrated on the mental image of flashing diamonds all disappearing and going to one place. (L4SR on INT. Rolled 3, 6–made it. 36 a.p.)

<Wink Wing>

Dandelion’s feet hit the ledge with a slight jar. The eagle was not in sight. Eight puncture holes in her arms oozed blood. Luckily she had gotten her arms up before the eagle hit her.

“You only have a few seconds,” said Min-Kon. “Your kremm is rather low. You may not have enough power to cast another spell. Your foe is more dangerous than it looks.”

Dandelion took her club off her back. “I’m more dangerous than I look, too.” she said.

Everything was still happening very swiftly, but it almost felt like slow motion to her.

She heard a great screech. The giant bird was coming.

[What did Dandelion do?

Did she:

  1. Try another spell? If so, what?
  2. Get her club ready for combat and just fight it physically?
  3. Run into the eagle’s cave for a better defensive position?]


I’m inserting a commercial and a short tale of woe or weal, depending on your point of view, here.

Lately, free pdf games have been falling on me faster than I can download them. There’s so much cool stuff available, and the prices are very reasonable. As a reviewer I am inundated. I think I could spend 24 hours a day just reading through new stuff, and God only knows when I’d get to play any of it.

But, it is a shame not to givee these hard-working independent game companies some return for their effort, so I will be featuring some of the stuff I get, way down here at the end of each Dandelion segment for a while.  Browse on down here.  You might see something you like.  But not this time. Getting pix of their covers to show here is more complicated than I have time for.