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Dandelion thought this would be a good time for magic. The moment she made that decision, varous possibilities flashed into her mind. There was one for flying, and one for popping back onto the ledge, and one for blasting the eagle with magic. Of the the three, she liked the one for putting her feet back on solid ground the best. She concentrated on the mental image of flashing diamonds all disappearing and going to one place. (L4SR on INT. Rolled 3, 6–made it. 36 a.p.)

<Wink Wing>

Dandelion’s feet hit the ledge with a slight jar. The eagle was not in sight. Eight puncture holes in her arms oozed blood. Luckily she had gotten her arms up before the eagle hit her.

“You only have a few seconds,” said Min-Kon. “Your kremm is rather low. You may not have enough power to cast another spell. Your foe is more dangerous than it looks.”

Dandelion took her club off her back. “I’m more dangerous than I look, too.” she said.

Everything was still happening very swiftly, but it almost felt like slow motion to her.

She heard a great screech. The giant bird was coming.

[What did Dandelion do?

Did she:

  1. Try another spell? If so, what?
  2. Get her club ready for combat and just fight it physically?
  3. Run into the eagle’s cave for a better defensive position?]


I’m inserting a commercial and a short tale of woe or weal, depending on your point of view, here.

Lately, free pdf games have been falling on me faster than I can download them. There’s so much cool stuff available, and the prices are very reasonable. As a reviewer I am inundated. I think I could spend 24 hours a day just reading through new stuff, and God only knows when I’d get to play any of it.

But, it is a shame not to givee these hard-working independent game companies some return for their effort, so I will be featuring some of the stuff I get, way down here at the end of each Dandelion segment for a while.  Browse on down here.  You might see something you like.  But not this time. Getting pix of their covers to show here is more complicated than I have time for.



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