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What’s this you say?  A commercial? You have a sponsor? When did that happen?

Actually, it happened around June 4, 2010.  Sean Patrick Fanon of Drive-thru RPG is offering help and support to lots of RPG blogs like this one. I could try to explain it all, or I could just quote him. So, I’ll quote him. That’s a simple copy and paste operation. Comments in Bold are mine; comments in regular type come from Mr. Fanon. (After all, this is my blog.) (grin)

More Good Stuff Than You know What To Do With.

The broad discount code that you can share with your entire audience is: 
It’s worth 20% off all products from the following list of publishers. It’s good for one month from today, with unlimited uses (but only three per customer).
Use the code: JunePodBlogDriveThru2010 with any 3 products from companies listed below to save 20% on a pdf download. Used judiciously, that could be a sweet deal.
Bards and Sages
Battlefield Press
Chaotic Shiny Productions
Crafty Games
Cubicle 7
Dream Pod 9
Fabled Environments
Fat Dragon Games
Goodman Games
Inner City Games Designs
Mongoose Publishing
Palladium Books
Pinnacle Entertainment
R. Talsorian Games
Ranger Games
Reality Blurs
Sceaptune Games
I also have some free things from Drivethru that I can give away, and I will do that for the first person who asks for it:  If you would like a free pdf product of any of the following games, leave a comment with your email down below:
Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion Realms of Cthulhu:
 Karma Roleplaying System Core:
Fat Dragon’s Dragonshire Deluxe
There, now don’t say I never gave you nothing. When goodies come my way, I pass them along to my readers.
This blog is normally the home of the lovely and ferocious she-ogre named Dandelion. She is currently fighting for her life with a giant cave-eagle.  Who knew there even were such things? The blog has been featuring the amazing renders of Greywulf, and has been slowing down because his amazing renders are getting further apart. This is because his life has become much busier lately, and while that may be good for him, it’s not so good for Dandelion. Tomorrow I’m posting her next segment whether I have a render for it or not. In the mean time, here’s a picture of the fight done by my original artist, Quoghmyre, the southernmost troll of Trollhalla (known mundanely as Kevin Bracey). I think he’s a very fine artist indeed, altho quite different from Greywulf, and I wish I had more illos from him for this story.


Remember, to get a free goody from Drive-Thru RPG, leave a comment including your email address. First come, first served, and like any contest, the decision of the judge, namely me, is final. And comments on Dandelion’s story would also be welcome.




  1. That’s one excellent image and a great offer too!

    Working on the next render *right now*.

  2. Loving the story. And great ilos. You really have some great friends in the industry.

    About that offer. Is it still up for grabs?


  3. The June offer in the text is good for anyone at any time in June. The special offer at the end is only good if you get a coupon number from me. To do that, you have to tell me which one you want, and be sure I have your email address so I can respond.

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