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“What do you mean, I’m poisoned?” Dandelion asked the necklace.

“The eagle’s claws are filthy,” Min-Kon answered. “They made you bleed. You already have blood poisoning. If left untreated your flesh will start to mortify and you will surely die.”

“Oh, is there a spell to deal with poisons?” Her mind instantly filled with spells. “Oh, I see there is.” Dandelion concentrated. “Too Bad Toxin!” she shouted. There was a feeling like fire that ran through her blood. It hit her so suddenly that she bellowed in pain and the echoes of the cave made it seem as if a dozen ogres were bellowing. “Arrrrrghhh!” (L4SR on INT to cast. Needs a 4 or better. Rolls 15 with 2 doubles. 60 a.p.)

In the darkness Dandelion really couldn’t tell how badly she had been wounded by the eagle, but she could feel herself bleeding from multiple punctures and scratches. “Is there a spell to heal me?” she asked Min-Kon.

“Of course,” the necklace replied. “But there is a problem. You don’t have enough kremm left to do much healing.”

“Can we stop the bleeding?”

“Yes, you can manage that much.”

“Then let’s cast the healing spell.” A pattern filled Dandelion’s mind–like a broken snowflake putting itself back together. She put forth her will. (L2SR on INT. Needs 4, rolls 6. 12 a.p.

A feeling of warmth and well-being filled her. The bleeding stopped and the scratches and punctures scabbed over. Unfortunately, the feeling did not last for very long, and the burning sensations in the wounds soon returned.

Dandelion felt a lot better. She could still feel her wounds, but she felt a lot better anyway. Was it possible to be healthy while hurt?

She could still hear the eagle screeching somewhere out on the ledge. She had hurt it badly, broken at least one wing, smashed its beak, but it was still alive.

“No rest for the weary,” Dandelion said. “What should I do now, Min-Kon?”

“Rest,” said the necklace in a whisper so faint Dandelion wasn’t sure she even heard it.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. Follow the eagle outside and attack it again?
  2. Crawl over to one side of the cave and rest? If so, for how long?
  3. Make a light with flint and steel and explore the cave?
  4. Take off the necklace and put it back in her treasure sack?

Adventures of Dandelion, part 23.5
Khenn Arrth via Trollmail
Sat, 14 Jan 2006 17:07:15 -0800

STR  75
Con  35
INT  70
WIZ   1
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

Note that the Necklace has used up as much of Dandelion's reserve of WIZ as is possible.
 It could take several hours of game time to build her WIZ back up to levels that would allow
 her to work more magic. By checking the character attribute stats, we now see that the necklace
knows the spells, but Dandy has to power them. She has become a kind of living battery for a thing
that just wants to keep casting magic all the time. That can't be good for her.]

Hey, I was gonna pop in another picture from a Drive-thru RPG product and say look at this, but it occurred
to me that I've got a couple such products of my own. Since this is a blog about an adventuring ogress,
let's talk about a game that ogres play. Gaming has always been a big part of human life. Why should it
be any different for the nonhuman races of Trollworld So here it is, the game that ogres in Trollworld
play with each other when they're not herding sheep or terrorizing human villages: Ogreocre.

How Ogres Hve Fun..

This is a party game for Ogres in Trollworld. In spite of the gruesome cover, no blood is involved at all. At least not much--the occasional brawl might break out among the players. You can get a better look at it here:

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