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Dandelion had taken one of the few torches she’d seen on the cave walls, and extinguished it when she didn’t need the light. She also carried flint and steel and a small amount of dry straw to use as tinder in her bag. (She picked some up in the cave full of straw). Taking out a handful, she quickly struck some sparks, got the tinder going in a tiny fire, and lit the torch.

By the flickering torchlight, she saw she was in a good-sized semicircular depression, possibly carved out of the stone by intelligent beings. In the center was a huge nest of sticks, and scraps of clothing, straw, bones, etc. In the center of the nest were three eagle eggs, each as large as Dandelion’s head.

Dandelion finds the eagle's treasure.

“You should eat some of those eggs,” said the necklace. “They are slightly magical.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. She continued looking around. On close examination, she found a coin–an old gold piece with some unfamiliar face on one side and a mountain on the other. Moving around, she found another. It was possible that coins were widely scattered through the cave.

[She could also search the nest, but she’d have to tear it apart to do that. Or, she could leave the cave and get on with her exploration. What did Dandelion do?

Did she:

  1. take the three eggs and put them in her sack?
  2. eat an egg on the spot?
  3. search the cave thoroughly and pick up all the gold coins?
  4. leave the cave and search the piles of trash outside it?
  5. leave the cave and climb up?
  6. leave the cave and climb down?
  7. leave the cave and cast “fly me” to go up or down?]


I have a special treat for all of you Greywulf fans who are following this blog, and also kind of a warning about how closely artist and writer should work together. I assume that Greywulf reads these blogs when I send him the rough draft before publishing, but sometimes I just say something like the next episode has Dandy finding three eagle eggs. So I sent him this warning, and this is what I got:

Dandelion can't believe her eyes.

I admit that this image is more fantastic than the one that’s actually in the blog, but alas, I couldn’t use it because the rest of the story calls for Dandelion to have at least two eggs with her.  Greywulf called me a spoilsport for not using the first image with the big eggs.  Now that you’ve seen both pictures, which do you think is the better render?




  1. I’ll confess I like both, but love the silliness of the Big Eggs render. Or maybe Dandelion has shrunk…… Now, there’s a thought.

    • It does look like she shrank. Oh well, that’s another story.

  2. I think the big eggs render better, the little ones definitely look “shrunken.” But that’s ok, no one is looking at the eggs anyway, they’re looking at Dandelion’s fine legs!

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