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“While I’m in here,” thought Dandelion, “I might as well pick up the gold on the floor. I’m surprised an eagle had so much of it anyway.”

She began a careful search of the cave. It took her about half an hour, and she picked up 200 pieces of gold. More than half of it was actually in the nest.

Actually, it wasn't as easy to find the money as this picture makes it look, but careful searching by Dandelion did locate around 200 gold pieces, many of them in the nest.

“That should buy lunch back in Kozon,” she muttered. “Not much more to do in here.”

She wandered out of the cave, still carrying the torch. It would burn for another hour at least. She saw the big pile of trash she had considered searching a couple hours ago. What an unsavory heap of bones, body parts, moulted feathers, organic waste, and Trollgod alone knows what. Nothing was exactly gleaming and calling out to her, but there might be something valuable if she took the time to search.

On the other hand, what was that strange drumming noise coming from the chasm below?

On the third hand, she was seriously thinking about getting out of these caves.

And on the fourth hand, what was this necklace doing to her life?

[What did Dandelion do? Did she?

  1. Take off the necklace and put it in her sack?
  2. Take off the necklace and throw it away?
  3. Forget about the necklace and search the big pile of trash?
  4. Climb up out of the chasm?
  5. Climb down to the next level?
  6. Use necklace to fly back up out of the cavern?
  7. Use necklace to fly down to the next level?

Speed counts. Notice to new members of Trollhalla, you can particpate in this game also. All you have to do is email Trollgod with your choice. It’s worth tvp. And don’t forget to edit your profile, assign attribute points, choose a picture, etc.]

–Khenn Arrth


Trollwalla Commentary

Gimor Ironfang said… “QUICK!!! Hurl the bitch Min-Kon over the edge and into the chasm – Dandelion has two turns to live otherwise! ”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Search the trash then cast fly me to convert wiz to con…”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “I’m bleeding CON too fast. I need to get rid of the necklace as soon as possible. Then if I fail, I’ll still be alive to try one more thing.”

Adventures of Dandelion, part 31.5
Sat, 21 Jan 2006 12:56:43 -0800

STR  75
Con  25 of 7
INT  70
WIZ  31
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

Trollwalla Commentary

Gimor Ironfang said… “-4 CON = +4 WIZ each turn

With 7 CON left that makes 2 turns until death. Now, if Dekh is correct in that expending WIZ will raise the base CON…”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Ahh, now somebody else said wiz was converted back to con i may be wrong… ”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Poor baby would be good? Perhaps? Maybe? OK just chuck it :0) ”

Naharaht said… “If the necklace is capable of doing it, Dandelion has enough WIZ to cast ‘Blow me to…’. If the Trollgod would allow it Dandelion could go home and then ditch the necklace till her next adventure.”

Meanwhile, back in Trollhalla, they pondered what the Ogress should do next.


And now a word from my sponsor, Drive-Thru RPG.  I actually did a very minimal review for a Tunnels & Trolls product this morning. I thought I might reproduce it here.

The description of the product says: 

TrollsZine 2 is the second edition of a fan created magazine for Tunnels and Trolls, edited by Dan Prentice and Kevin Bracey. This issue has 91 pages of great reading for the T&T aficionado and the general fantasy roleplayer including; Magic items, Monsters, Kindred, NPC’s, Rejected Spells, Warrior weapon techniques, Fiction, a Solo Dungeon, an Adventure, Delverton, How to become a God, How to write a solo dungeon and more. Contributors include Ken St. Andre, Tom Grimshaw, W.Scott Grant, Lee Reynoldson, Jeff Freels, Eric Olson, Randy Whitley, Salvatore Macri, Tom K.Loney and Dan Prentice. Ilustrated with sensational art by Jeff Freels, Kevin Bracey, David Ullery, Mike Hill, Celina Bene, Ida Enbrant, Chad Thorson and Simon Tranter. Brought to you with the kind support of Flying Buffalo Inc.

And my review says:

TrollZine 2 is an excellent source of supplemental information for players of the Tunnels and Trolls rpg, and a good read for fantasy lovers in general. And, you can’t beat the price. Just about the only criticism one can make is that there is just too much good stuff.Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]Heh! It is remarkably easy to be a featured reviewer. If I didn’t spend my time working all day, I’d be tossing off 10 of these brief reviews per day. Considering how many people buy games and other products from Drive-Thru, I am really surprised that every product they’re selling doesn’t have at least 5 or 10 reviews.

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