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Monthly Archives: July 2010

“A shrine to Hagor the Horrible,” said Dandelion. “This I’ve got to see.”

“Not much to see–a horrible image and two vials of liquid–one blood and one acid,” said Hammer. “If you go that way, you’re going alone.” growled the minotaur.

“I can’t believe this,” said Dandelion. “Are you afraid of Hagor the Horrible?”

“If you knew anything about that demon, you’d be afraid too.”

“I doubt it,” said Dandelion. “But never mind. You say the way out is straight ahead. Straight ahead we go.”

“Good,” said Hammer, taking the lead again.

“I’ll walk this stretch,” Dandelion whispered to Min Kon. “Gather your strength, or my strength, or some strength.”

“A good decision,” said Min Kon. “Be wary of Hammer now. I’m sure he has an ambush planned for you.”

“We’re coming to a large empty room,” said Hammer. “I think it’s just storage.”

Dandelion had fallen back a bit, but now she began to close up on him. Hammer stepped into the room first–just as he said, it was empty except for some crates in a haphazard line on the far side of the room.

Hammer’s nostrils twitched. “I smell . . .” he started to say.

Dandelion had just stepped into the room, She heard a high voice scream in elvish, “Fire!”

Elves popped out of nowhere and attacked.

[What did Dandelion do:

  1. Bellow and charge into the room, swinging her club wildly?
  2. Spin and retreat as fast as she can?
  3. Tell Min Kon to cast a spell? If so, what spell up to 7th level.
  4. Dodge and then attack?
  5. Dodge and then retreat?
  6. Attack Hammer for leading her into an ambush?
  7. Got any other ideas?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 43.5
Sun, 12 Feb 2006 20:45:42 -0800

STR 75
Con 28
INT 70
WIZ  9
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35

Khenn Arrth said…

The voting for turn 43 is now over. On the whole, I’m surprised at how it turned out. I still have to game through what you all chose, but it will be a retreat.


  • Use Hammer as a shield and retreat: 3
  • Spin and retreat, using Little Feats perhaps: 4
  • Dodge and retreat: 8
  • Dodge and attack: 6 (Dandelion the member of Trollhalla chose this and I can’t help but wish that a few more of you had sided with her.)
  • Attack Hammer: 1
  • Cast Protective Pentagram and attack: 1.

Trollwalla Commentary

Dekhurrrsio said… “Ahhh Khenn, you like killing characters too :)”

Khayd’haik said… “Khenn just wants the Dandelion adventure to be over, and move on to Tunnelwars. So he was hoping he could kill her off now with the same elf bowmen that killed Boozer… That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it! ;)”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “And I, also, would like Dandelion’s Adventure to end. However, I’m leaning toward the ‘make it home alive’ option… and I think I could’ve taken a bunch of elves. And made a nice olio piqueno with some of them when I got home. Yum.”

Khenn Arrth said… “Actually, Khayd’haik your theory is wrong. These aren’t the same elvish bowmen at all–these are dark elf bowmen from a completely different adventure. I can’t help it if you monsters insist on running into elvish bowmen wherever you go.”

Khayd’haik said… “Those elvish bowmen all look the same to me, Khenn… ;)”

“Let’s go right, Hammer,” said Dandelion.

“Very well,” said Hammer. “You know, there might be some danger along this path.”

“That would be nothing new,” said Dandelion.

“Keep me flying,” Dandelion told Min Kon.

“I will do that, but you will be dangerously low of kremm in a short while.”

They turned to the right and walked down a long straight corridor. In the distance they could see an intersection with a couple of torches burning on the walls. Before too long, they reached it.

It was a four-way corridor. “Which way, Hammer?”

“The way out is straight ahead,” said Hammer. “Going left will take you back to my headquarters. Going right will take you to the shrine of the demonic Hagor the Horrible.”

“What is Hagor like?” asked Dandelion. “This is the second time I have heard of him.”

“Horrible, very horrible,” said Hammer, “but a reasonable being, much like myself.”

“Can you tell me more?”

“No, it is not wise to speak too much of Him. If He hears his name too often, He may well come to visit you.”

In that direction lies the shrine of Hagor the Horrible.

“Hmmmm,” said Dandelion.

[ Did she:

  1. go straight ahead?
  2. turn left?
  3. turn right?
  4. go back?
  5. chant “Hagor, Hagor, Hagor!” just to see what will happen?

Second question: should she let Min Kon recharge on the upcoming turn?


Adventures of Dandelion, part 42.5

STR  75
Con  23
INT  70
WIZ  14
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required.

Khenn Arrth

“Why choose?” said Dandelion. She went over to the table and took  3 bottles and put them in the loot sack. “I can sort this out later.”

“Hammer, let’s get back to getting out of here,” she told the minotaur.

“Very practical,” said Hammer. “The way out was the way in.” He turned around and headed back.

Dandelion followed. As she did, she told Min Kon to cast the flying spell again, but not the mirage.

“How do you expect me to build up any great power?” Min Kon asked her silently.

“I don’t,” said Dandelion.

After they left the alchemist came out of his hidden room. He started collecting bottles and flasks and muttering to himself. “Grashblam it, I really thought the ogress was going to try one of my potions. Wouldn’t she be surprised if she grew wings or turned purple? The red one could have hardened her flesh to stone-like consistency–of course it would slow her down, but she’d be almost unkillable. Well, maybe she’ll drink one later. She did take them along with her. Glabsnopp it, time to get the next batch ready. Maybe if I put out some cookies, someone would actually drink my potions.” He grinned a gnomish grin. It wasn’t a perfect dungeon day, but at least someone had come in and admired his work. That was something.

"Maybe if I put out some cookies, someone would actually drink my potions."

In about ten minutes the ogress and the minotaur reached the intersection. “Ok,” said Hammer. “If we go right, it’s the shorter way out. Straight ahead is back from whence we came, and the longer way out. What do you prefer?”

[What did Dandelion choose? Did she:

  1. turn right?
  2. go straight?

–Khenn Arrth]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 41.5

STR  75
Con  23
INT  70
WIZ  16
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

“Let’s see this phantom alchemist,” said Dandelion. She passed the passage that went off to the left and continued forward.

“Alright,” said Hammer. “It’s an interesting place, once.’

Min Kon sent her a thought. “Dandelion, I don’t have enough energy to maintain both spells any longer.”

“Then drop them,” Dandelion thought back. “You still have enough to cast a mighty spell on Hammer, don’t you?”

“I could try,” said Min Kon, “but the spell would fail. His kremm levels are much higher than yours.”

“You would do well,” Min Kon continued, “to confine your spellcasting to eithr yourself or the physical world. For example, a slush-yuch spell cast directly below him would plunge the minotaur into quicksand, and you could easily finish him off or escape.”

“Is Hammer a wizard?” Dandelion thought. “Could he counter such a spell?”

“No more than you are,” whispered the necklace, “but he might have some magical abilities. The axe is definitely enchanted.”

The tunnel took a little jog to the right, and then straightened out again. A hundred feet further along, it took another one. Dandelion began to smell something.

“What’s that smell?” she asked Hammer. “It’s something like honey and skunk combined.”

“Chemicals,” said Hammer, “we’re almost there.”

A hundred feet further along they came to a stone door closing off the passage. A sign on the door said “Danger! Experiments in Progress.”

“Well, it doesn’t say Keep Out,” said Dandelion, and pushed the door open. It opened easily enough for a 400 pound slab of stone.

Inside was the strangest room Dandelion had ever seen. There was a table in the center, and on the table were six small bottles full of fluids. There was two red ones, a green one, two blue one, and a yellow one. They all had a label saying “Drink me.”

Drink Me.

Behind the table were half a dozen cauldrons bubbling away without any fires beneath them. Above each cauldron was a glass tube with an inverted funnel and rising steam would condense inside the glass and run through a twisting series of spiraling glass tubes until finally dripping out into buckets at the other end of the room. In some places the tubes interconnected and purple liquid would mix with green liquid to produce something black. In other places it would drip through a filter and come out a kind of sludgy gray. In the end, it all wound up in a bucket of red juice, green juice, or blue juice.

“Wow,” said Dandelion. “What is this?”

“Magic,” said Hammer. “Are you going to drink any of them? It could be great.”

“Why don’t you drink one?” she asked.

“I’m fine the way I am,” said Hammer.

Dandelion looked around. There was no other way out of the room than the way they had come in.

“Min Kon,” thought Dandelion, “is there a way to tell if these potions are safe to drink?”

“Yes,” said Min Kon, but you don’t have enough kremm left to cast it.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion.

[ Did she:

  1. Drink the red potion?
  2. Drink the green potion?
  3. Drink the blue potion?
  4. Drink the yellow potion?
  5. Ignore all the potions and leave?
  6. Put all the potions in her sack and leave?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 40.5

STR  75
Con  15
INT  70
WIZ  24
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required

Khenn Arrth


“This is all amusing enough, Hammer, and the ale was good, but I need to get out of these caves. Let’s get going,” said Dandelion.

Hammer gave the aleskin back to the goblin. “You heard the boss. We gotta go! See you guys later.”

“Take your time, Hammer,” said Eee-Gore. “No need to rush back, unless you wanta give us our money back.”

"Take yer time, Hammer," said Eee-Gore.

With that, Hammer and Dandelion were on their way.

“I have the feeling that I should be using you to cast some magic, but I don’t know what,” said Dandelion to Min Kon in her own mind. “One thing that worked pretty well was flying. Can we do that until the next time I need my feet on the ground?” (INT saving roll checks–Dandelion needs 2 saving rolls and makes the both with a 6 and an 8.)

“Sure thing,” said Min Kon. “Fly you!”

“And make it look like I’m still walking,”

“Done,” said Min Kon. “You know you’re going to have to kill, Hammer, don’t you?”

“Why?” said Dandelion.

“Because he’s planning to kill you. While you weren’t paying attention back there in the card game room, he quickly arranged for several of his buddies to get ahead of us and ambush you.”

“I didn’t see him do anything like that,” said Dandelion.

“Secret hand signals,” said Min Kon. “I’ve seen him do it before.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion.

“Hey, Hammer, what else do you know about this necklace?” she asked out loud.

“Only that it’s incredibly treacherous,” said the Minotaur. “No one who ever wore it has lived for more than a day or two. You’re doing quite well to have lasted so long.”

"You know Hammer is planning to kill you," said Min-Kon in Dandelion's mind.

They came to a place where a side passage went off to the left, and the main passage continued straight ahead.

“I feel that I should give you some choices as we walk out of here,” said Hammer. “The way out is to the left. Straight ahead is a kind of magical storage vault for alchemical potions. Some crazy alchemist I’ve never met keeps leaving his drinks on a table in there in hopes that someone will drink them. Some people have drunk them. Some of them grew stronger and smarter. Some got sick. Some died.”

“If you want to check that out,” said Min Kon, “I could help you with that.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion. What did she do? Two questions–who is she going to believe–Hammer or Min Kon, and will she turn left or go straight?

–Khenn Arrth

Adventures of Dandelion, part 39.5

STR  75
Con  21
INT  70
WIZ  18
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required

Khenn Arrth

Quoghmyre said…
I feel lucky, but I don’t know about Dandelion… trusting Min Kon???

Rrraff said…
Ooofaa. I can’t believe that many people put their trust in a dead sorcerer thing trapped in a necklace.

Toll said…
Write-in idea for Dandelion. She could taunt Hammer that he sounds afraid to drink a potion. Offer to drink one if he does first. Otherwise he’d be admitting that Uruks are less brave than ogres.

Dandelion the Ogre said…
Why do all the good write-in ideas appear after I’ve already voted?!? Okay, not all of them. A couple times I waited till the very last minute to vote. But I like the idea of taunting a tax collector. They taunt me enough in real life.


“Let’s stop in here for a little while,” said Hammer indicating a side corridor. The sounds of laughter and loud voices could be heard. Dandelion thought she heard “C’mon, baby, Daddy needs a new scimitar!” in urukish.

“Sure, why not?” said Dandelion. Hammer lead the way down the side passage. “Hey, bozos, tax collector and friend coming in!” he shouted as he approached a door.

“C’mon! We’re all friends here,” shouted a rough uruk voice.

Hammer pushed the door open, and stepped into a brightly lit room. There were at least 20 creatures inside. Some were sitting on the floor; others were drinking from sacks of ale, and about 5 of them were in the center playing dice.

“Do you know how this game works?” asked Hammer.

“I’m not sure,” said Dandelion. “Is it an ante game? High roll takes the pot?”

“No, that’s not it. See how there is money in the pot. It’s Blacky’s turn to roll.” A big urukkin gathered up four huge stone dice, each easily the size of a human hand, and threw them down on the floor. He rolled 6, 3, 4, 4. “That’s a losing throw,” said Hammer. The 6 and 3 are losers, but the two fours are winners.” Blacky threw a gold piece into the pot.

“Hmm,” said Dandelion. And silently, “Min-Kon, do you have a spell to control the dice?” “Nope, sorry,” said the necklace. “You’ll have to count on your own luck. I could however, throw a mirage on them and make everybody see whatever I wanted them to see.”

“Save that thought,” whispered Dandelion. We might want a big score here.”

“Hey, Hammer!” growled a troll in the common tongue. “Here’s your daily cut of the money.” He handed Hammer 25 gold pieces and the dice. “Wanna try your luck?”

“Absolutely!” grinned Hammer. He threw the dice down hard. They bounced around and settled on: 5, 3, 4, 4. “Broke even,” said Hammer. “The fours won, but the 5, 3 lost.”

“Is it something about the 4s?” Dandelion asked.

“Har! Har! Nah, that’s not it!” said the Troll. “Ere, you try it, stranger.”

“This is Dandelion,” said Hammer to the half a dozen beings now watching. “She has been wandering around in the caves and wearing The Necklace.”

“Ooooooo,” said some respecful voices.

“And she killed the eagle over in the chasm!”

“Har har har har! Good riddance! That bird was a pain.”

Dandelion picked up the dice and threw them down. She rolled 1, 2, 3, 3. “Not bad,” said the troll. “You win 3 gold–go ahead and take them outa the pot.” She took her 3 gold. The dice passed on to some uruks.

“About that eagle egg,” said Hammer. “I’d really like one–maybe I could raise it to be a pet eagle.”

“Guide me out safely, and the egg is yours,” said Dandelion. “But you gotta give me my 11 gold pieces back.”

“Deal,” said Hammer, and returned her gold to her.

This roll wins 4 gold pieces. Have you figured out the rules yet?

Then it was Hammer’s turn again. He rolled 5, 3, 1, 1 and threw 6 gold back into the pot.

“Do you understand the rules?” asked Hammer, handing her the dice.

Dandelion rolled 3, 4, 4, 4 and took 9 gold coins out of the pot. “I think so,” she said. “Did I do it right?”

“Yaww, ya got it right,” said the troll who seemed to be running the game. “Muh name is Eeegore! Welcome to the game.”

“Thanks,” said Dandelion. “I kinda like it.”

“Brokejaw, bring a sacka ale over here!” bellowed Hammer. A big ugly goblin immediately brought the minotaur a sack of ale. Hammer took a snort and passed it to Dandelion. She squeezed out a splash of the foamy liquid and laughed. Looks like she had found the party.

“Ya wanna stay, or ya wanna head on out?” asked Hammer.

[What did Dandelion do? did she:

  1. Tell Hammer to lead on so they could get out of the caves?
  2. Ask the troll if he’d like to buy a necklace?
  3. Stay and play more rounds of the dice game?
  4. Get Min Kon to cast her illusion of all 4 dice being sixes on the next round?

–Khenn Arrth]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 38.5
Khenn Arrth via Trollmail

STR 75
Con 17 of 6
INT 70
WIZ  33
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

(Before we get into today’s grotesque adventure, I’d like to mention that if you read all the way to the bottom, you will find a special offer from my sponsor–Drive-Thru RPG.)


“Hmm,” said Dandelion. “I might give you 60 gold pieces to lead me out of these mazes if you’d answer some questions along the way.”

The bullman grinned knowingly. “My responsibilities here are quite important. I couldn’t do it for less than 95 gold pieces.”

“Well, for the pleasure of your company, I might raise the fee as high as 70 gold pieces, but if I go any higher, you’ll think I’m easy.” She grinned a ghastly ogrish grin herself.

“You’re not my type,” snorted Hammer, “but since you ask so nicely, I’ll go down to 90. That’s my final offer.”

“I don’t want to pay more than 70,” said Dandelion. “I have expenses of my own.”

They glared at each other for a few moments.

“Yikes, a standoff!” said Luruk the uruk. “I’ll guide you out for 70 g.p., Dandy,” he offered.

Hammer’s axe came around with blurring speed, and struck Luruk flatlings right in the stomach. It picked him up and knocked him 15 feet down the hall. “He should know better than to undercut his own employer,” said Hammer.

Luruk didn’t move. He might be dead.

“Nice move,” said Dandelion. “Tell you what, let’s have a grimace contest. Whoever can make the scariest, or funniest face wins and the other person has to accept the winner’s terms.”

“That could be fun,” said Hammer. “You go first.”

Dandelion tries to scare Hammer. Booga booga!

Dandelion crossed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and yelled, “Booga Booga!” {Level 1 CHR saving roll for Hammer. he rolled: 3, 3, and 5, 4 for a total of 15. CHR of 12, he needed 8.] Is that the best you can do?” he sneered.

Then Hammer stuck out his tongue, wrapped it completely around his neck, and brought it up be tween his ears and blew a raspberry. [Level 1 SR for Dandelion: CHR 10. She rolled a 4, 1. Missed it by 5.]

She couldn't believe it when he wrapped his tongue completely around his own massive neck.

“Yikes,” said Dandelion. “How do you do that? You win. I’ll pay 90 for you to guide me out of here.”

“Alright,” said Dandelion, opening her sack and rummaging inside it to get a handful of gold pieces. “Here’s 11 now, and you’ll get the other 79 when I see daylight again.”

“You can do math,” said Hammer. “I have to say you’re not like any ogre I’ve ever met.”

“I want to ask more questions,” said Dandelion. “Why wouldn’t you take this necklace? It must be worth a lot more than 90 gold pieces.”

“Touch the haunted necklace?” said Hammer. “No thanks. Everyone who ever wore it died, and some talked about hearing voices.”

“Oh, great,” said Dandelion, “just what I wanted to hear.”

“I noticed something in the bag besides gold pieces,” said Hammer. “What else is in there?”

“Two eagle eggs,” said Dandelion. “I brought them along as a snack for later.”

“Eagle eggs!” the Minotaur’s eyes lit up. “Um, would you be willing to give me one? If you give me an egg, I’ll guide you out of the caves for free.”

Meanwhile, the Minotaur had started leading Dandelion down a tunnel to the right. He took a torch from the intersection and led into the darkness. This was not the way he had come from, nor the way Dandelion had come, nor the way to the second level.”

“If we meet anyone in here,” said Dandelion, “and they attack me, whose side are you going to be on?”

“Have you been attacked?” Hammer asked “other than the eagle?”

“Some crazy hobbs attacked me in a room with a strange machine that gave me some gold.”

“Oh, them! They are just pests, although dangerous in large numbers. If they attack I’m definitely on your side.”

As they went down the hall they began to hear some urukish voices. “We’re coming up on the everlasting dice game,” said Hammer. “As long as I’ve found it, I should stop and collect my taxes. Would you be interested in wagering some of your money in the game?

[Dandelion had two decisions to make. Did she:

  1. agree to give Hammer an eagle egg or
  2. hold out for money, or
  3. never even consider letting him have an egg?

Also does she want to join the dice game in hopes of increasing her money?

Or does she tell Hammer to skip the game, and just keep leading her out of the caves?

The info about those wearing the necklace dying also worries her. Does she keep wearing the necklace, or does she take it off?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 37.5

STR 75
Con 18 of 11
INT 70
WIZ  27
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35
No action is required.
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Dandelion could see the minotaur getting more nervous and angry the longer she stayed invisible. His axe also glowed brighter and brighter. She moved away from him and off to one side as quietly as she could, but she could see his big bovine ears twitching as he tracked the sound of her footsteps.

“Cancel the spell,” she told the necklace. “Prepare the strongest combat spell I can cast, but don’t cast it unless i tell you to.”

“Over here, good tax collector,” she said out loud as she shimmered back into visibility.

The Minotaur turned and saw the Ogress. They were nearly the same size, with Dandelion a bit taller, and the bull-man much wider and the shoulders. “Why did you turn invisible?” he snorted.

“You startled me for a moment, and I needed to do something.”

He was staring straight at her. “Ah, yes, I see you have found the necklace.”

“Do you know about this necklace?” she asked. “I’m not sure why I would owe any taxes, but if I owe any, I could give you this piece of jewelry. It’s very nice. Ought to pay all I owe now and perhaps for the next year or so.”

“Ha! Don’t you dare!” he huffed, taking a step backward. You owe me, Hammer the Minotaur, taxes because you want to go down to the next level, and only I have the key.”

“Oh,” said Dandelion. “Actually, I don’t want to go down there. I could have been down there already if I wanted to. All I would have had to do is climb down the rest of the chasm.”

“You couldn’t have gone down by way of the chasm,” he argued. “There’s a giant eagle there that kills anyone that goes that way.”

“Oh, I killed the eagle,” said Dandelion. “It was a good fight.”

“You killed the eagle?” said Hammer unbelievingly. “Umm, then what do you want?”

“I’d kind of like to get rid of this necklace, and leave these caves. Can you tell me how to get back to the entrance?”

“Sure, I can, but it will cost you. First, you have to keep the necklace. I don’t want it, and I thought it was safely sealed up out of harm’s way.”

“It was,” said Dandelion, but I found it.”

“Do you have any gold?” asked Hammer.

“Yes, i got some from the eagle’s nest.”

“Well, for 50 gold pieces I’ll tell you how to find the exit. For 100 gold pieces I’ll take you there. Or you can just keep wandering.”

“Do you collect a lot of gold, O Hammer? And why do the call you Hammer when you use an axe?”

“They call me Hammer because I use an axe,” said the Minotaur as if that explained everything, “and I probably have as much gold as any creature in these caverns.”

Dandy offers the necklace to Hammer. He won't take it.

“You probably shouldn’t have told her that, master,” said the uruk.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. Pay Hammer 50 gold pieces to be told how to get out of the dungeon?
  2. Pay Hammer 100 gold pieces to be guided out of the dungeon?
  3. Tell him she’d find her own way out?
  4. Suddenly attack him with the spell the necklace has prepared?
  5. Suddenly attack him physically?
  6. Keep the conversation going? If so, what would she ask next?

Speed counts on these.]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 36.5
Tue, 31 Jan 2006 20:52:14 -0800

STR  75
Con  19 of 12
INT  70
WIZ  26
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required

Trollwalla Commentary

Dandelion the Ogre said… “…I’m not sure what to do about this necklace I’m apparently stuck with. Or what the deal is with it. Ogre is back to being stumped.”.

Toll said… “Dandelion – why not ask Hammer about it, since he’s keen for you to keep it.”.

Suddenly desperate and feeling indefinably hurt in some way, Dandelion stopped walking, opened her bag, reached in, pulled out the necklace, and draped it back over her muscular throat and shoulders.

“Do you want to cast some magic?” asked the elfin voice of Min Kon sweetly–too sweetly.

“Yes, I feel funny. I want to heal myself up as quickly as possible.”

“But Dandelion, dear,” said the necklace. “There is nothing wrong with you. Your Constitution is at its maximum value–in fact, it is supercharged at the moment. If I cast the Poor Baby spell on you, you would actually lose health.”

“I would?” asked Dandelion. “Something very screwy is going on here.”

A large Minotaur stepped out of the shadows, followed by a scurvy-looking uruk. It held a great double-bladed axe in its right hand. “I am the tax collector,” it said. “Do you have something for me?”

The Tax Collector steps out of the shadows.

“Do something quick!” mentally willed Dandelion. “Hide me.”

“As you wish,” said Min Kon. “Hidey Hole!” Dandelion vanished.

“Ey! No reason for magic!” bellowed the tax collector. He lifted his axe into combat position. It now glowed a malevolent red. “Me axe kin find you, invisible or not!”

[What did Dandelion do: Did she:

  1. talk to the Tax Collector and avoid a fight but stay invisible?
  2. Release the Hidey Hole to become visible and talk to Tax Collector?
  3. Run off down the hallway to her left?
  4. Run off down the hallway to her right?
  5. Attack the tax collector and minion while invisible?
  6. Cast a combat spell? (if so, which one, which level?)]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 35.5
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:39:07 -0800

STR  75
Con  20 of 13
INT  70
WIZ  25
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

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Khenn Arrth

Dandelion the Ogre said… “After much careful thought and scratching of head, and inspiration from Mahrundl, this is what I think Ogre should do: Come out of hiding, take the necklace off, and hand it to the minotaur, saying, “Hi! Sorry about that; reflexes, you know. I suppose you must be the tax collector and you want to collect some taxes from me? I don’t have a lot of assets, but you’re welcome to take this. It’s quite valuable, I’ve been assured. I’d sell it myself and just pay taxes on the profits, but really, whoever buys jewelry from an Ogre? Maybe you’ll be so kind as to accept it as credit for next year’s taxes too, although if that’s against tax-collecting policy I’ll understand completely.” Or something along those lines. Of course, that isn’t one of the choices, so it would have to be a write-in..

I think, however, I’ll wait and see if anyone else has a brilliant idea before casting my vote.”.

Fishflower said… “Good plan, Dandelion!”

Rrraff said… “I like the Dandelion plan…. that’s what I’m going to vote for”.

K’maath said… “I think Dandelion is in trouble. She has perhaps 3 more turns if she does not get rid of the necklace. Let’s all write in her plan. “.

Toll said… “I think Dandelion should convince the tax collector she is a ghost and therefore entitled to bypass all those icky rules that mortals have to follow concerning taxes and such. And maybe she should be worshipped and provided sacrifices of much gold before she loses her temper and SMITES the tax collecting riffraff.”.

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Ooh, I’m up for some smiting. Skip the worship and tithing and step aside while I practice my smiting swing.”.

Tmuwo said… “Hey guys, I’m voting that Dandelion give the necklace as her taxes to the tax collector. Join me in this write-in vote!”.

Dandelion turned away from the silver gate. Going down deeper into this catacomb didn’t seem like such a good idea. Finding this tax collector guy seemed a bit more likely. She wouldn’t mind paying a few taxes to get some mysteries cleared up.

She turned around and walked back toward the 4-way intersection. she had just reached it when she noticed somebody coming toward her from right ahead. The corridor was kind of dim, but whoever was coming was at least as big as she was, and were those horns on top of its head?

She was at the corner now. She just had time to change her mind and try something else if she wanted to.

[What did Dandelion do: Did she?

  1. Wait at the intersection ready for a fight?
  2. Walk to meet the oncoming figure?
  3. Turn left and run as hard as she could down a long dark tunnel?
  4. Turn right and run as hard as she could down a long dark tunnel?
  5. Take the necklace out of the bag and put it back on just in case she might want to cast a spell when the stranger reached her?

Remember, if you want a write-in vote, you can also add that to your answer, but unless you all coordinate so that a plurality request essentially the same thing, those write-ins will come to nothing. Dandelion has maybe 15 seconds to make her decison.]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 34.5
Sat, 28 Jan 2006 11:12:31 -0800

STR  75
Con  21 of 3
INT  70
WIZ  35
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

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Trollwalla Commentary

Dekhurrrsio said… “Wanna put on necklace and cast poor baby!!! ”

Naharaht said… “Has anyone got any brilliant ideas for saving Dandelion? ”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “I have a brilliant idea! Get the necklace to Poor Baby me and up my CON, quick! I’m writing that option in again. And after that I can deal with the tax collector and think of a way to part ways with the necklace..

Rrraff said… “I just did the same thing: write in “put on the necklace AND CAST POOR BABY ON HERSELF””.

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Hooray!”

Mahrundl said… “Just to be different, I suggested that the necklace should be taken out and given to the approaching figure (who may well be the tax collector)..

Well, it’s one way of destroying your enemies…”

Vestinious said… “I voted the same take the necklace out and use it.”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Hmm, giving the necklace to the tax collector might be a good idea. But don’t you think I should do that AFTER I fix my CON?”.

Khenn Arrth said… “The voting seems to be falling off. Well here are the results for turn 34..

  • Put on necklace and poor baby herself: 10
  • give the necklace to the tax collector:
  • walk to meet oncoming figure: 3
  • try to hide maybe using magic: 1″