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Dandelion looked at the huge pile of trash on the ledge, and suddenly it just didn’t seem worth the effort.

“You should search it,” said the necklace. “There may be magical items in there, that we, I mean you, could use.”

“If there are, they didn’t do the previous owners much good,” Dandelion answered. “I would probably get a disease from mucking about in that.”

“I think I could just climb up out of this hole,” Dandelion muttered.

“Why climb? Let me fly you out,” countered Min-Kon.

A strong sense of revulsion flooded through the ogress. “Stop telling me what to do all the time,” she shouted. Then she grabbed the necklace and tried to lift it off her body.

It was stuck. It seemed to be glued to her skin. “You don’t want to take me off,” said the mental voice of Min-Kon, sounding just a bit alarmed.

“Oh, yes I do,” said Dandelion, and she peeled the necklace off her skin, link by link. In some places some of the skin came off with it. When she finally had it off, and it hung there helplessly in her hand, she drew her arm back to throw it into the chasm.

“I’m sorry,” said Min-Kon in her mind. “Don’t throw me away. I’m worth a lot of money.” The voice was very faint. “I’m only trying to help you.”

Dandelion thought for a moment. In fact, the necklace had helped her more than once, especially when the eagle knocked her off the ledge. And it certainly looked like it would be worth more than 200 gold pieces. (She who hesitates is lost.) She aborted her throw, and instead stuck the necklace back in her carrysack.

Now to get out of here. Dandelion approached the chasm wall, and very carefully began to climb. As she climbed she noticed a slightly easier chimney in the rock leading off to her left, and found herself ascending there. It took at least half an hour, but finally the chimney opened up and Dandelion emerged from a hole in a tunnel floor just barely large enough for her to fit through it.

Dandelion found an easier way up when she climbed out of the chasm.

Dandelion found herself in a long, straight, dark tunnel. Her torch had gone out during the climb, and there wasn’t much left of it. Dandelion hadn’t really needed it. The passage led off to left and right, and in the far distance in both directions it looked like there was some torchlight.

[This was a simple sort of choice. Did she:

  1. go left?
  2. go right?
  3. take the necklace out of the sack and put it back on, and ask Min Kon what to do?]

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