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Dandelion left the hole in the tunnel floor behind her and walked off toward the distant torchlight. She walked a fairly long time, nearly 10 minutes. Eventually, she came to an intersection, and in sconces on the wall were a couple of flickering torches. Below them were piles of ashes where previous torches had burnt out and disintegrated.

It was a classic 4-way dungeon intersection, with passages going off to the right, left, straight ahead, and behind her. In 3 directions, nothing could be seen but long passages with possibly other intersections down the trail, but to the right, the passage was fairly short and ended in a big, iron-barred gate with a sign on it. Behind the gate some kind of wide stairway could be glimpsed descending even deeper into the earth.

“Hmm,” muttered Dandelion. “Which way to go?”

[Did she:

  1. turn left and go that way?
  2. continue straight ahead?
  3. turn right and go that way?
  4. turn around and go back the way she came?
  5. succumb to the urge to take out her pretty moonstone necklace and put it back on because at least she’d have someone or somethng to talk to if she was wearing it?

The faster you answer, the more tvp you get. And the argument about going left over going right is nonsense, because you guys are all turned around and have no idea which way Dandelion is facing on the map. You actually have 1 chance in 4 of guessing, and the caves you’re wandering through don’t follow that weird school of dungeon design anyway.


Nothing much happened in this episode, but so much of dungeon delving is like that–just walking through the tunnels, trying to either find something interesting, or else the way out. As a guy who has a spent a little time exploring caves in Arizona and other states, I rather like walking down cool dark passages. Still, after a few hours of being underground, I’m always glad to get out again. I guess Dandelion is beginning to feel that way too, especially since the complications of even owning Min-Kon continue.  Read on!

Adventures of Dandelion, part 33.5
Tue, 24 Jan 2006 20:18:30 -0800

STR  75
Con  23 of 5
INT  70
WIZ  33
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required.

Trollwalla Commentary

Naharaht said… “Have you noticed that Dandelion’s CON is still going down?”.

K’maath said… “I noticed. Her base CON is going down, although her current value is up. If she doesn’t get rid of the necklace, I fear she won’t be able to, as it may be the only thing keeping her CON positive. Of course, it’s also the thing draining her CON, so getting rid of it SOON is a great idea. Thoughts?”.

Dandelion the Ogre said… “My thoughts are, an Ogre and a necklace possessed by an elfy sorceress sharing telepathic ties? Disaster waiting to happen.”.

Grimtongue said… “How about using the necklace to heal? Won’t that convert WIZ to CON? The necklace started to say how WIZ is converted back into CON but the eagle attacked and interrupted. I think it happens whenever a spell is cast but healing right now might not be a bad thing. It worked before. There were jumps in her CON whenever she cast different spells.”.

Dekhurrrsio said… “CON goes down 1 per turn in the bag ”

Dekhurrrsio said… “Yes cast healing spells.”

Khenn Arrth said… The voting on turn 33 went thusly:

  • turn right: 12
  • put necklace back on: 6
  • go straight: 4
  • Turn left: 1.

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