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Suddenly desperate and feeling indefinably hurt in some way, Dandelion stopped walking, opened her bag, reached in, pulled out the necklace, and draped it back over her muscular throat and shoulders.

“Do you want to cast some magic?” asked the elfin voice of Min Kon sweetly–too sweetly.

“Yes, I feel funny. I want to heal myself up as quickly as possible.”

“But Dandelion, dear,” said the necklace. “There is nothing wrong with you. Your Constitution is at its maximum value–in fact, it is supercharged at the moment. If I cast the Poor Baby spell on you, you would actually lose health.”

“I would?” asked Dandelion. “Something very screwy is going on here.”

A large Minotaur stepped out of the shadows, followed by a scurvy-looking uruk. It held a great double-bladed axe in its right hand. “I am the tax collector,” it said. “Do you have something for me?”

The Tax Collector steps out of the shadows.

“Do something quick!” mentally willed Dandelion. “Hide me.”

“As you wish,” said Min Kon. “Hidey Hole!” Dandelion vanished.

“Ey! No reason for magic!” bellowed the tax collector. He lifted his axe into combat position. It now glowed a malevolent red. “Me axe kin find you, invisible or not!”

[What did Dandelion do: Did she:

  1. talk to the Tax Collector and avoid a fight but stay invisible?
  2. Release the Hidey Hole to become visible and talk to Tax Collector?
  3. Run off down the hallway to her left?
  4. Run off down the hallway to her right?
  5. Attack the tax collector and minion while invisible?
  6. Cast a combat spell? (if so, which one, which level?)]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 35.5
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 20:39:07 -0800

STR  75
Con  20 of 13
INT  70
WIZ  25
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required

Khenn Arrth

Dandelion the Ogre said… “After much careful thought and scratching of head, and inspiration from Mahrundl, this is what I think Ogre should do: Come out of hiding, take the necklace off, and hand it to the minotaur, saying, “Hi! Sorry about that; reflexes, you know. I suppose you must be the tax collector and you want to collect some taxes from me? I don’t have a lot of assets, but you’re welcome to take this. It’s quite valuable, I’ve been assured. I’d sell it myself and just pay taxes on the profits, but really, whoever buys jewelry from an Ogre? Maybe you’ll be so kind as to accept it as credit for next year’s taxes too, although if that’s against tax-collecting policy I’ll understand completely.” Or something along those lines. Of course, that isn’t one of the choices, so it would have to be a write-in..

I think, however, I’ll wait and see if anyone else has a brilliant idea before casting my vote.”.

Fishflower said… “Good plan, Dandelion!”

Rrraff said… “I like the Dandelion plan…. that’s what I’m going to vote for”.

K’maath said… “I think Dandelion is in trouble. She has perhaps 3 more turns if she does not get rid of the necklace. Let’s all write in her plan. “.

Toll said… “I think Dandelion should convince the tax collector she is a ghost and therefore entitled to bypass all those icky rules that mortals have to follow concerning taxes and such. And maybe she should be worshipped and provided sacrifices of much gold before she loses her temper and SMITES the tax collecting riffraff.”.

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Ooh, I’m up for some smiting. Skip the worship and tithing and step aside while I practice my smiting swing.”.

Tmuwo said… “Hey guys, I’m voting that Dandelion give the necklace as her taxes to the tax collector. Join me in this write-in vote!”.


  1. I vote for (1) talk to the Tax Collector and avoid a fight but stay invisible but there is also merit in Mahrundl’s idea of giving the necklace to the minotaur as her tax payment.

  2. I vote give the necklace to the minotaur.

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