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(Before we get into today’s grotesque adventure, I’d like to mention that if you read all the way to the bottom, you will find a special offer from my sponsor–Drive-Thru RPG.)


“Hmm,” said Dandelion. “I might give you 60 gold pieces to lead me out of these mazes if you’d answer some questions along the way.”

The bullman grinned knowingly. “My responsibilities here are quite important. I couldn’t do it for less than 95 gold pieces.”

“Well, for the pleasure of your company, I might raise the fee as high as 70 gold pieces, but if I go any higher, you’ll think I’m easy.” She grinned a ghastly ogrish grin herself.

“You’re not my type,” snorted Hammer, “but since you ask so nicely, I’ll go down to 90. That’s my final offer.”

“I don’t want to pay more than 70,” said Dandelion. “I have expenses of my own.”

They glared at each other for a few moments.

“Yikes, a standoff!” said Luruk the uruk. “I’ll guide you out for 70 g.p., Dandy,” he offered.

Hammer’s axe came around with blurring speed, and struck Luruk flatlings right in the stomach. It picked him up and knocked him 15 feet down the hall. “He should know better than to undercut his own employer,” said Hammer.

Luruk didn’t move. He might be dead.

“Nice move,” said Dandelion. “Tell you what, let’s have a grimace contest. Whoever can make the scariest, or funniest face wins and the other person has to accept the winner’s terms.”

“That could be fun,” said Hammer. “You go first.”

Dandelion tries to scare Hammer. Booga booga!

Dandelion crossed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and yelled, “Booga Booga!” {Level 1 CHR saving roll for Hammer. he rolled: 3, 3, and 5, 4 for a total of 15. CHR of 12, he needed 8.] Is that the best you can do?” he sneered.

Then Hammer stuck out his tongue, wrapped it completely around his neck, and brought it up be tween his ears and blew a raspberry. [Level 1 SR for Dandelion: CHR 10. She rolled a 4, 1. Missed it by 5.]

She couldn't believe it when he wrapped his tongue completely around his own massive neck.

“Yikes,” said Dandelion. “How do you do that? You win. I’ll pay 90 for you to guide me out of here.”

“Alright,” said Dandelion, opening her sack and rummaging inside it to get a handful of gold pieces. “Here’s 11 now, and you’ll get the other 79 when I see daylight again.”

“You can do math,” said Hammer. “I have to say you’re not like any ogre I’ve ever met.”

“I want to ask more questions,” said Dandelion. “Why wouldn’t you take this necklace? It must be worth a lot more than 90 gold pieces.”

“Touch the haunted necklace?” said Hammer. “No thanks. Everyone who ever wore it died, and some talked about hearing voices.”

“Oh, great,” said Dandelion, “just what I wanted to hear.”

“I noticed something in the bag besides gold pieces,” said Hammer. “What else is in there?”

“Two eagle eggs,” said Dandelion. “I brought them along as a snack for later.”

“Eagle eggs!” the Minotaur’s eyes lit up. “Um, would you be willing to give me one? If you give me an egg, I’ll guide you out of the caves for free.”

Meanwhile, the Minotaur had started leading Dandelion down a tunnel to the right. He took a torch from the intersection and led into the darkness. This was not the way he had come from, nor the way Dandelion had come, nor the way to the second level.”

“If we meet anyone in here,” said Dandelion, “and they attack me, whose side are you going to be on?”

“Have you been attacked?” Hammer asked “other than the eagle?”

“Some crazy hobbs attacked me in a room with a strange machine that gave me some gold.”

“Oh, them! They are just pests, although dangerous in large numbers. If they attack I’m definitely on your side.”

As they went down the hall they began to hear some urukish voices. “We’re coming up on the everlasting dice game,” said Hammer. “As long as I’ve found it, I should stop and collect my taxes. Would you be interested in wagering some of your money in the game?

[Dandelion had two decisions to make. Did she:

  1. agree to give Hammer an eagle egg or
  2. hold out for money, or
  3. never even consider letting him have an egg?

Also does she want to join the dice game in hopes of increasing her money?

Or does she tell Hammer to skip the game, and just keep leading her out of the caves?

The info about those wearing the necklace dying also worries her. Does she keep wearing the necklace, or does she take it off?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 37.5

STR 75
Con 18 of 11
INT 70
WIZ  27
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35
No action is required.
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  1. Dandelion should try to keep the eagle eggs and hold out for money, stay out of the dice game and continue to wear the necklace for the time being. The thing not to do is fall asleep wearing the necklace.

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