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“Let’s see this phantom alchemist,” said Dandelion. She passed the passage that went off to the left and continued forward.

“Alright,” said Hammer. “It’s an interesting place, once.’

Min Kon sent her a thought. “Dandelion, I don’t have enough energy to maintain both spells any longer.”

“Then drop them,” Dandelion thought back. “You still have enough to cast a mighty spell on Hammer, don’t you?”

“I could try,” said Min Kon, “but the spell would fail. His kremm levels are much higher than yours.”

“You would do well,” Min Kon continued, “to confine your spellcasting to eithr yourself or the physical world. For example, a slush-yuch spell cast directly below him would plunge the minotaur into quicksand, and you could easily finish him off or escape.”

“Is Hammer a wizard?” Dandelion thought. “Could he counter such a spell?”

“No more than you are,” whispered the necklace, “but he might have some magical abilities. The axe is definitely enchanted.”

The tunnel took a little jog to the right, and then straightened out again. A hundred feet further along, it took another one. Dandelion began to smell something.

“What’s that smell?” she asked Hammer. “It’s something like honey and skunk combined.”

“Chemicals,” said Hammer, “we’re almost there.”

A hundred feet further along they came to a stone door closing off the passage. A sign on the door said “Danger! Experiments in Progress.”

“Well, it doesn’t say Keep Out,” said Dandelion, and pushed the door open. It opened easily enough for a 400 pound slab of stone.

Inside was the strangest room Dandelion had ever seen. There was a table in the center, and on the table were six small bottles full of fluids. There was two red ones, a green one, two blue one, and a yellow one. They all had a label saying “Drink me.”

Drink Me.

Behind the table were half a dozen cauldrons bubbling away without any fires beneath them. Above each cauldron was a glass tube with an inverted funnel and rising steam would condense inside the glass and run through a twisting series of spiraling glass tubes until finally dripping out into buckets at the other end of the room. In some places the tubes interconnected and purple liquid would mix with green liquid to produce something black. In other places it would drip through a filter and come out a kind of sludgy gray. In the end, it all wound up in a bucket of red juice, green juice, or blue juice.

“Wow,” said Dandelion. “What is this?”

“Magic,” said Hammer. “Are you going to drink any of them? It could be great.”

“Why don’t you drink one?” she asked.

“I’m fine the way I am,” said Hammer.

Dandelion looked around. There was no other way out of the room than the way they had come in.

“Min Kon,” thought Dandelion, “is there a way to tell if these potions are safe to drink?”

“Yes,” said Min Kon, but you don’t have enough kremm left to cast it.”

“Hmmm,” said Dandelion.

[ Did she:

  1. Drink the red potion?
  2. Drink the green potion?
  3. Drink the blue potion?
  4. Drink the yellow potion?
  5. Ignore all the potions and leave?
  6. Put all the potions in her sack and leave?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 40.5

STR  75
Con  15
INT  70
WIZ  24
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required

Khenn Arrth



  1. I suggest that she carefully puts all the potions in her sack and leaves.

  2. I vote “6” — put all the potions into her pack and leave — with the addenda that she keep them all carefully separated and carefully cushioned (and tightly closed!).


    The Elephant says, “Tusk, tusk!”.

    • Ooops — forgot to mention — that the point of taking them with her, is that she can cast whatever divinatory spell she wants on them LATER, whene she has recoverd her Kremm.

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