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“Why choose?” said Dandelion. She went over to the table and took  3 bottles and put them in the loot sack. “I can sort this out later.”

“Hammer, let’s get back to getting out of here,” she told the minotaur.

“Very practical,” said Hammer. “The way out was the way in.” He turned around and headed back.

Dandelion followed. As she did, she told Min Kon to cast the flying spell again, but not the mirage.

“How do you expect me to build up any great power?” Min Kon asked her silently.

“I don’t,” said Dandelion.

After they left the alchemist came out of his hidden room. He started collecting bottles and flasks and muttering to himself. “Grashblam it, I really thought the ogress was going to try one of my potions. Wouldn’t she be surprised if she grew wings or turned purple? The red one could have hardened her flesh to stone-like consistency–of course it would slow her down, but she’d be almost unkillable. Well, maybe she’ll drink one later. She did take them along with her. Glabsnopp it, time to get the next batch ready. Maybe if I put out some cookies, someone would actually drink my potions.” He grinned a gnomish grin. It wasn’t a perfect dungeon day, but at least someone had come in and admired his work. That was something.

"Maybe if I put out some cookies, someone would actually drink my potions."

In about ten minutes the ogress and the minotaur reached the intersection. “Ok,” said Hammer. “If we go right, it’s the shorter way out. Straight ahead is back from whence we came, and the longer way out. What do you prefer?”

[What did Dandelion choose? Did she:

  1. turn right?
  2. go straight?

–Khenn Arrth]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 41.5

STR  75
Con  23
INT  70
WIZ  16
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35


  1. She should turn right. Shortest way is always best… lol

  2. Dandelion should go straight and choose the longer way out. If Hammer has arranged an ambush, it is probably on the shorter route.

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