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“Let’s go right, Hammer,” said Dandelion.

“Very well,” said Hammer. “You know, there might be some danger along this path.”

“That would be nothing new,” said Dandelion.

“Keep me flying,” Dandelion told Min Kon.

“I will do that, but you will be dangerously low of kremm in a short while.”

They turned to the right and walked down a long straight corridor. In the distance they could see an intersection with a couple of torches burning on the walls. Before too long, they reached it.

It was a four-way corridor. “Which way, Hammer?”

“The way out is straight ahead,” said Hammer. “Going left will take you back to my headquarters. Going right will take you to the shrine of the demonic Hagor the Horrible.”

“What is Hagor like?” asked Dandelion. “This is the second time I have heard of him.”

“Horrible, very horrible,” said Hammer, “but a reasonable being, much like myself.”

“Can you tell me more?”

“No, it is not wise to speak too much of Him. If He hears his name too often, He may well come to visit you.”

In that direction lies the shrine of Hagor the Horrible.

“Hmmmm,” said Dandelion.

[ Did she:

  1. go straight ahead?
  2. turn left?
  3. turn right?
  4. go back?
  5. chant “Hagor, Hagor, Hagor!” just to see what will happen?

Second question: should she let Min Kon recharge on the upcoming turn?


Adventures of Dandelion, part 42.5

STR  75
Con  23
INT  70
WIZ  14
LK   40
DX   55
CHR  10
SPD  35

No response is required.

Khenn Arrth


One Comment

  1. Dandelion should go straight on and let Min Kon recharge.

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