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“A shrine to Hagor the Horrible,” said Dandelion. “This I’ve got to see.”

“Not much to see–a horrible image and two vials of liquid–one blood and one acid,” said Hammer. “If you go that way, you’re going alone.” growled the minotaur.

“I can’t believe this,” said Dandelion. “Are you afraid of Hagor the Horrible?”

“If you knew anything about that demon, you’d be afraid too.”

“I doubt it,” said Dandelion. “But never mind. You say the way out is straight ahead. Straight ahead we go.”

“Good,” said Hammer, taking the lead again.

“I’ll walk this stretch,” Dandelion whispered to Min Kon. “Gather your strength, or my strength, or some strength.”

“A good decision,” said Min Kon. “Be wary of Hammer now. I’m sure he has an ambush planned for you.”

“We’re coming to a large empty room,” said Hammer. “I think it’s just storage.”

Dandelion had fallen back a bit, but now she began to close up on him. Hammer stepped into the room first–just as he said, it was empty except for some crates in a haphazard line on the far side of the room.

Hammer’s nostrils twitched. “I smell . . .” he started to say.

Dandelion had just stepped into the room, She heard a high voice scream in elvish, “Fire!”

Elves popped out of nowhere and attacked.

[What did Dandelion do:

  1. Bellow and charge into the room, swinging her club wildly?
  2. Spin and retreat as fast as she can?
  3. Tell Min Kon to cast a spell? If so, what spell up to 7th level.
  4. Dodge and then attack?
  5. Dodge and then retreat?
  6. Attack Hammer for leading her into an ambush?
  7. Got any other ideas?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 43.5
Sun, 12 Feb 2006 20:45:42 -0800

STR 75
Con 28
INT 70
WIZ  9
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35

Khenn Arrth said…

The voting for turn 43 is now over. On the whole, I’m surprised at how it turned out. I still have to game through what you all chose, but it will be a retreat.


  • Use Hammer as a shield and retreat: 3
  • Spin and retreat, using Little Feats perhaps: 4
  • Dodge and retreat: 8
  • Dodge and attack: 6 (Dandelion the member of Trollhalla chose this and I can’t help but wish that a few more of you had sided with her.)
  • Attack Hammer: 1
  • Cast Protective Pentagram and attack: 1.

Trollwalla Commentary

Dekhurrrsio said… “Ahhh Khenn, you like killing characters too :)”

Khayd’haik said… “Khenn just wants the Dandelion adventure to be over, and move on to Tunnelwars. So he was hoping he could kill her off now with the same elf bowmen that killed Boozer… That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it! ;)”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “And I, also, would like Dandelion’s Adventure to end. However, I’m leaning toward the ‘make it home alive’ option… and I think I could’ve taken a bunch of elves. And made a nice olio piqueno with some of them when I got home. Yum.”

Khenn Arrth said… “Actually, Khayd’haik your theory is wrong. These aren’t the same elvish bowmen at all–these are dark elf bowmen from a completely different adventure. I can’t help it if you monsters insist on running into elvish bowmen wherever you go.”

Khayd’haik said… “Those elvish bowmen all look the same to me, Khenn… ;)”


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