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Monthly Archives: August 2010


Hammer ushered Dandelion into his sanctuary. It was a small suite of caves/rooms suitable for a bachelor minotaur in a dungeon. The main room was an office. There was a large sturdy desk covered with inkwells, pens, papers, stamps, old coffee cups, empty flagons, letter openers the size of a kukri, and other such stuff. The main item seemed to be a large ledger with an account of who paid what taxes.

One wall was entirely taken up with a huge safe. It did not have a combination lock, but required a key. Another wall had a huge rack of weapons on it, most of them made to Hammer’s size. As that was a size that would fit Dandelion also, she admired it a lot. 

There was also a large table, two large chairs, and a box on top of the table. “Whatever you do,” said Hammer, “don’t open that box! I am more tired than I thought–I must rest. There are some blankets in that room.” he pointed toward a smallish doorway to the left. Without another word, he staggered through a larger doorway and collapsed on a mound of hay. Within a few seconds his heavy snoring filled the room with a rasping noise.

Dandelion found herself standing alone in Hammer’s office. Min Kon began to whisper to her. “This is the jackpot, Dandelion. Hammer’s office probably has more treasure in it than any other place in the Moonstone Caverns. He’s asleep and helpless. You could slay him and take whatever you want.”

Dandelion hesitated. “I’ve worked so hard to save him,” she said.

“If the circumstances were reversed, he would slay you,” tempted Min Kon.

"If the circumstances were reversed, he would slay you," Min-Kon whipered in her mind.

The ogress still hesitated.

“There are other choices,” said Min Kon. “You could take any weapon you want from his weapons rack and try to find your own way out. They are all enchanted.”

“Or, I could probably open that safe, even though it’s locked,” whispered the necklace. “A lock is a lock, and knock-knock will unlock them all.”

“Or, my guess is that he keeps his greatest treasure in that box on the table. That was the only thing he told you not to touch.”

“Or, you could go in the smaller room, make a bed of sorts from the blankets there, and get some rest. We certainly need it,” said Min Kon.

“Or I could just walk out and leave on my own,” said Dandelion.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. attack the sleeping Hammer?
  2. steal a magic weapon (sword, axe, flail, halbard–pick one)?
  3. have Min Kon open the safe?
  4. open the box on the table?
  5. rummage through Hammer’s desk?
  6. go into the storeroom and get some rest?
  7. just walk out and leave Hammer in peace?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 49

STR 75
Con 29
INT 71 of 70
WIZ  8
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35

Trollwalla Commentary

Rrraff said… “Well, I voted to leave Hammer alone, and we all know what happens when Dandy tries to get some sleep with Min-Kon, so I also appended a vote to dump the necklace as well. Who knows if it’ll work?”

Naharaht said… “Have you noticed that Dandelion’s other stats are now being affected?”

D’gou said… “Hmmm, I agree Rrraff, having saved Hammer, it would be schizophrenic to then kill him, and Min-Kon doesn’t seem to be inducing that. Since her stats seemed to be decent (and some even enchanced as Naharaht noted), I voted to rummage (information is power too).”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “I have an idea. How’s about I trade Min-Kon for whatever I take? That way it won’t be stealing.”

D’gou said… “Interesting rationalization. I do recall, however, that Hammer didn’t want the necklace. Not that “we” have to make a “fair” trade. Just saying. Of course we could leave the necklace in lieu of opening the forbidden box… heh. Though I joined in mid-game and am curious to see just what else Min-Kon might be able to do… hmmm….”

Khayd’haik said… “Dandelion could take a weapon and whatever else she finds interesting in trade for the eggs she fed Hammer to save his life… Hammer didn’t say not to take a weapon or open the safe. He just said, whatever you do, don’t open the box…”

D’gou said… “Or she could even make Hammer her prisoner, assuming the rope would hold and she knows how to make knots, etc.”

Toll said… “Hammer might come track Dandelion down if she plays him false. He still owes her much and some directions don’t quite cover the debt.”

Khenn Arrth said… “You all realize, I hope, that despite the wonderful ideas for Dandelion’s next action being mentioned here, only the top vote-getter counts. Would you like a hint as to what’s getting the most votezzzzzzz?”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Oh wait! Ogre slow on uptake. Ogre gets hint now. But… rest?!? All those wonderful nifty things to do and people want me to rest?!? Stop that.”


“Alright, Hammer, let’s go back to your place and rest up a bit,” said Dandelion. “You have food, right?”

“Ah, sure, or I’ll send a lackey out to get it.”

“But first I want to see what’s in these crates. Let me borrow your ax to open them up.”

“Um, errr,” the minotaur was clearly reluctant to give up his weapon.

“If I wanted to kill you and steal your weapon, I could have already done so,” she told him.

“Fine, here.” He handed it over.

Dandelion began breaking open crates. There were seven of them in the room. The first was completely empty. The second had 7 sacks of walnuts inside it, each sack weighing about 10 stone. “I’ll take a couple of those,” said Hammer. “Supplies are always good.”

The third crate was full of bronze daggers, estimated value 2 gold each. There were at least 200 daggers in the box. The fourth crate contained iron ingots suitable for reworking in a forge somewhere. The fifth crate held 100 iron bowls about 7 inches in diameter and four inches deep–suitable for cooking in or eating out of. The sixth crate held 10 coils of hempen rope, each 50 feet in length. The seventh crate held several sacks of decaying plant matter–probably herbs.

“What did I expect,” said Dandelion disgustedly. “Boxes full of gold and silver just lying around? Not likely. Someone must have had a reason for importing that stuff in here, but the Trollgod only knows what it was.”

Hammer took his axe back. He carried two sacks of nuts in one hand and the weapon in the other. “Let’s get going,” he said. He went back out through the door they had entered by.

They went back to the intersection that led to Hagor’s shrine, but turned right. Then they walked a long ways until they reached another four-way intersection.

“Going left from here takes you back to the Everlasting Dice Game,” Hammer explained. “Going right leads to a small lair of goblins. They serve as guards for me.”

He marched straight ahead. They soon came to another 4-way intersection. Once again Hammer explained, “To the left is the way to the second level of these caves, to the right is a small vending concession that I run. Straight ahead is my place.

They walked on for a short distance and came to a heavy stone door blocking the passage. There was a sign in Common beside the door, and a small bell. The sign read: “Hammer, Tax Collector, Ring Bell.”

Hammer rang the bell. The door opened magically. “Nice trick,” said Dandelion. They went in. The door closed behind them.

“How do I get back out,” said Dandelion. Hammer pointed out another small bell on this side of the door.

[(to be continued) but first, did Dandelion take any of that junk from the room of dead elves? If so, what?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 48

STR 75
Con 32
INT 71 of 70
WIZ  5
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35

The minotaur lay on the floor in an uneasy sleep, moaning and twitching. Dandelion had dug all the arrows out, and in the process restarted his bleeding. He leaked blood from half a dozen wounds.

“He may still die,” said Min Kon, “unless you go all out to save him.”

“Well, I can’t leave him laying around here,” said Dandelion. “Can we poor baby him back to health?”

“Only a little,” said Min Kon. “Not enough.”

“Do it anyway,” said Dandelion. She visualized the perfect snowflake again, and Hammer’s wounds scabbed over and quit bleeding.

“I”m drained,” said Min Kon. “I can barely communicate with you. It will take a while for me to regain power. You are also extremely vulnerable to magical attacks right now.”

“It can’t be helped,” said Dandelion. “Do you think I should do anything else?”

“Feeding him the last eagle egg would probably help.”

“Grrr,” said Dandelion. “I’ll do it though. We can’t wait around here forever.”

Dandelion dug the last egg out of the sack, propped Hammer up, cracked it and fed it to him. She moved his jaws, massaged his throat, and made him swallow it all.

Hammer slept on, but he seemed healthier.

“Should I wake him?” asked Dandelion.

“Let him sleep a little longer,” Min Kon advised. “Why don’t you search for treasure while you’re waiting.

“Good idea,” said Dandelion. She got up and started going through the bodies of the dead elves. After 30 minutes of searching she amassed this loot: 4 elvish longbows (4d6 + 3), 74 arrows with bronze points, 8 rations of blackbread, 4 canteens each about half full of some sweet elvish wine, a charm featuring a small golden disk with blue feathers around it. There was no money. She also had 4 dirks and two longswords and 2 spears. All of the weapons were too small for her to use effectively.

Hammer's loot. Elvish weapons too small to be useful to an ogress like Dandelion.

“These weapons might be worth something in a town market,” said Dandelion, “but they are worthless to me here.”

“Mmmooooo,” said Hammer, opening his eyes. “Where am I?”

“At the scene of the ambush,” said Dandelion. “You nearly died. It was all I could do to keep you alive.”

“Thank you for making the effort,” said Hammer. “Most of the people down here would have just taken my stuff and left–or finished me off themselves.”

“Don’t make me regret saving you,” said Dandelion. “Can you walk? We should get out of here.”

Hammer climbed to his feet. “I feel weak,” he said, “but I could walk.”

“Good,” said Dandelion, “let’s go.” She motioned toward the pile of weapons. This stuff is too small for me to use, and too awkward to carry. Do you want any of it?”

Hammer took two of the dirks. “Kinda small, but I can use them,” he said. “I may come back for the other stuff later. I could sell it to uruks.”

Dandelion said, “Here are 2 canteens with some wine in it. I don’t think it’s poisonous. And here are 2 pieces of blackbread in case you get hungry. The elves didn’t have any money.”

Hammer said, “Let me make a suggestion. We’re not too far from my headquarters. We could go back there and rest up. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be much danger between here and the exit. Which way do you want to go?”

[What did Dandelion choose? Did she:

  1. go back to Hammer’s headquarters and rest up?
  2. tell Hammer to take her to the exit?
  3. stay and search the crates in the room for treasure?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 47.5

STR 75
Con 37
INT 71 of 70
WIZ  0
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35

“Looks like the minotaur’s dying,” said Min Kon in Dandelion’s mind. “Now’s our chance! You get his axe, Dandy, I’ll get his wallet. Oh wait, I don’t have any hands. You get it all.”

“I hope that was a joke,” the ogress replied. “He saved us from those nasty elves. We need to help him if we can.”

“But the poison will kill him in another few minutes,” whined Min Kon. “His heart has almost stopped.”

“We know a spell for poison,” said Dandelion. Min Kon’s spell knowledge almost seemed like pages of a book that she could look through at will now. She found Too-Bad Toxin, visualized the rippling streams of blue being cleansed of a brownish tint, touched Hammer, and spent the kremm. She immediately felt better, and the minotaur’s breathing eased, going from desperate wheezes to something very much like snoring.

“You’ve neutralized the elf-poison,” said Min Kon, but if you don’t do something about the arrows still in his body, he will be recontaminated and die anyway. However, he is so weak right now, that just cutting the arrowheads out of him might kill him.”

“Can’t we just poor baby him up?” Dandy asked.

“You’ don’t have enough kremm to heal him as much as you need to. But, if you fed him one of the eagle eggs, he might live.”

“Why’s that?” asked Dandelion.

“Each egg confers a magical health boost equivalent to the life force of a young eaglet,” Min Kon explained. “One should be enough to keep him from dying.”

Dandelion reached into her sack, got out a large eagle egg, pried Hammer’s mouth open, braced him in a sitting position against a wall, cracked the egg open on one of his horns, and poured the sticky slimy stuff down his throat. The minotaur started to gag, but the ogress took his canteen and poured the ale in it down his throat, washing the egg contents down to his stomach in a flood.

The minotaur’s body started to twitch.

“I probably killed him,” said Dandelion.


“Maybe not!”

Hammer opened his eyes. “Am I dead?” he asked.

“Not yet,” said Dandelion, “but that could be arranged.”

“I feel better,” said Hammer. “Oh, hey, I’m still full of arrows. I thought you were gonna take them out.”

With one hand, Dandelion cut the arrowheads loose; with the other she jerked the arrows out.

“I’ll do that now,” said Dandelion. “You chew your cud or something. This won’t take too long.” She took a dagger from Hammer’s belt, and deftly cut the arrow out of his chest.

“Ow,” said Hammer. He said it a lot louder for the second arrow which had gone in deeper and punctured his lung. It was a grim, gory, and gruesome procedure, but in the end, Dandelion got all six arrows out of the minotaur. He fainted on the fourth one, and was now losing considerable blood.

“You might still lose him,” said Min Kon. “Do you like him well enough to give him the last egg?”

“Hmm,” said Dandelion.

[ What did she do?

  1. Give Hammer the other egg?
  2. Use the last of her kremm to partly heal him?
  3. leave him to his own devices and search the room?
  4. decide to just leave and try to find the way out?
  5. any combination of the above?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 46.5

STR 75
Con 33
INT 70
WIZ  4
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35

Trollwalla Commentary

Dekhurrrsio said… “I vote for poor baby Hammer and having Dandelion eat an egg.”

Khenn Arrth answered . . . “She can’t do that because her WIZ is down to 4. She doesn’t have any more magical power at the moment.”


Hammer’s despairing wail came faintly down the passage.

“What am I doing?” Dandelion said to herself.

“Running away and doing a good job of it as far as I can tell,” Min Kon answered her. The necklace obviously heard all her surface thoughts.

Dandelion skidded to a halt, turned around, and pelted back toward the ambush. In about half a minute she burst into the room, half expecting a rain of elvish arrows and thinking about asking Min Kon to stop them somehow.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, she stepped into a pool of blood and slipped and fell down. Ouch!

Two torches on opposite sides of the room and a third one that Hammer had dropped illuminated the scene pretty well. The minotaur sat on a crate, leaning on his axe. There were pieces of elves all over the room, and lots of blood. She counted four heads, so that was probably how many elves had been there.

Hammer didn’t look good. Six long black arrow shafts protruded from his body. He was breathing in short gasps and blood was trickling down his furry hide.

“You missed . . .
“all the fun,” he gasped.

“How badly are you hurt?” asked Dandelion. “Here, let me get those arrows out of you!”

“The arrows hurt me pretty bad,” wheezed Hammer, but it’s the poison that’s killing me. Damn black elves!”

Dandelion looked at half of a nearby elf. It had grayish skin and wore a black tunic.

“You’ll have to cut the heads out,” said Hammer, “and I feel like dying now. They have barbed heads, and to rip them out would surely kill me.”

With the last word, his eyes rolled up, he dropped his axe, and passed out, falling off the crate.

Dandelion looked down at Hammer and wondered if she could save him.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. let Hammer die then loot the body?
  2. kill him while he’s weak, then loot the body?
  3. ask Min Kon to heal him?
  4. try giving first aid on her own?
  5. ignore Hammer and search the room for loot?
  6. ignore everything and exit the room through the door on the far side?
  7. decide to go back to the gambling room to get help?
  8. something else?]


Adventures of Dandelion, part 45.5

STR 75
Con 25
INT 70
WIZ 12
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35
No response is necessary.

Hammer’s warning turned into a bellow of rage and pain as 3 arrows thunked into his body. Dandelion ducked down into his shadow and a fourth arrow whistled past her. (Level 4 SR on Luck. Rolled a 9. Made it. 36 a.p.)

Hammer charged, bellowing. Dandelion scuttled backwards half a dozen quick steps, then spun and raced off back the way she’d come. In the distance behind her, Hammer’s yelps and growls, and the shrill ullulations of the elves faded away.

And before too long she reached the intersection. She was pretty sure that the safe thing to do was to go straight through it, but there was no Hammer now to stop her from visiting the shrine of Hagor the Horrible. Or, didn’t the minotaur say this his home and headquarters lay in the opposite direction?

One last bellow came down the tunnel from far behind her. It sounded like “Oooooogerrrrrrrrrr!”

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. turn back and race to Hammer’s rescue?
  2. turn left?
  3. go straight?
  4. turn right?
  5. ask Min Kon what to do next?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 44.5

STR 75
Con 26
INT 70
WIZ 11
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35