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Hammer’s despairing wail came faintly down the passage.

“What am I doing?” Dandelion said to herself.

“Running away and doing a good job of it as far as I can tell,” Min Kon answered her. The necklace obviously heard all her surface thoughts.

Dandelion skidded to a halt, turned around, and pelted back toward the ambush. In about half a minute she burst into the room, half expecting a rain of elvish arrows and thinking about asking Min Kon to stop them somehow.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, she stepped into a pool of blood and slipped and fell down. Ouch!

Two torches on opposite sides of the room and a third one that Hammer had dropped illuminated the scene pretty well. The minotaur sat on a crate, leaning on his axe. There were pieces of elves all over the room, and lots of blood. She counted four heads, so that was probably how many elves had been there.

Hammer didn’t look good. Six long black arrow shafts protruded from his body. He was breathing in short gasps and blood was trickling down his furry hide.

“You missed . . .
“all the fun,” he gasped.

“How badly are you hurt?” asked Dandelion. “Here, let me get those arrows out of you!”

“The arrows hurt me pretty bad,” wheezed Hammer, but it’s the poison that’s killing me. Damn black elves!”

Dandelion looked at half of a nearby elf. It had grayish skin and wore a black tunic.

“You’ll have to cut the heads out,” said Hammer, “and I feel like dying now. They have barbed heads, and to rip them out would surely kill me.”

With the last word, his eyes rolled up, he dropped his axe, and passed out, falling off the crate.

Dandelion looked down at Hammer and wondered if she could save him.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. let Hammer die then loot the body?
  2. kill him while he’s weak, then loot the body?
  3. ask Min Kon to heal him?
  4. try giving first aid on her own?
  5. ignore Hammer and search the room for loot?
  6. ignore everything and exit the room through the door on the far side?
  7. decide to go back to the gambling room to get help?
  8. something else?]


Adventures of Dandelion, part 45.5

STR 75
Con 25
INT 70
WIZ 12
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35
No response is necessary.

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