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“Looks like the minotaur’s dying,” said Min Kon in Dandelion’s mind. “Now’s our chance! You get his axe, Dandy, I’ll get his wallet. Oh wait, I don’t have any hands. You get it all.”

“I hope that was a joke,” the ogress replied. “He saved us from those nasty elves. We need to help him if we can.”

“But the poison will kill him in another few minutes,” whined Min Kon. “His heart has almost stopped.”

“We know a spell for poison,” said Dandelion. Min Kon’s spell knowledge almost seemed like pages of a book that she could look through at will now. She found Too-Bad Toxin, visualized the rippling streams of blue being cleansed of a brownish tint, touched Hammer, and spent the kremm. She immediately felt better, and the minotaur’s breathing eased, going from desperate wheezes to something very much like snoring.

“You’ve neutralized the elf-poison,” said Min Kon, but if you don’t do something about the arrows still in his body, he will be recontaminated and die anyway. However, he is so weak right now, that just cutting the arrowheads out of him might kill him.”

“Can’t we just poor baby him up?” Dandy asked.

“You’ don’t have enough kremm to heal him as much as you need to. But, if you fed him one of the eagle eggs, he might live.”

“Why’s that?” asked Dandelion.

“Each egg confers a magical health boost equivalent to the life force of a young eaglet,” Min Kon explained. “One should be enough to keep him from dying.”

Dandelion reached into her sack, got out a large eagle egg, pried Hammer’s mouth open, braced him in a sitting position against a wall, cracked the egg open on one of his horns, and poured the sticky slimy stuff down his throat. The minotaur started to gag, but the ogress took his canteen and poured the ale in it down his throat, washing the egg contents down to his stomach in a flood.

The minotaur’s body started to twitch.

“I probably killed him,” said Dandelion.


“Maybe not!”

Hammer opened his eyes. “Am I dead?” he asked.

“Not yet,” said Dandelion, “but that could be arranged.”

“I feel better,” said Hammer. “Oh, hey, I’m still full of arrows. I thought you were gonna take them out.”

With one hand, Dandelion cut the arrowheads loose; with the other she jerked the arrows out.

“I’ll do that now,” said Dandelion. “You chew your cud or something. This won’t take too long.” She took a dagger from Hammer’s belt, and deftly cut the arrow out of his chest.

“Ow,” said Hammer. He said it a lot louder for the second arrow which had gone in deeper and punctured his lung. It was a grim, gory, and gruesome procedure, but in the end, Dandelion got all six arrows out of the minotaur. He fainted on the fourth one, and was now losing considerable blood.

“You might still lose him,” said Min Kon. “Do you like him well enough to give him the last egg?”

“Hmm,” said Dandelion.

[ What did she do?

  1. Give Hammer the other egg?
  2. Use the last of her kremm to partly heal him?
  3. leave him to his own devices and search the room?
  4. decide to just leave and try to find the way out?
  5. any combination of the above?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 46.5

STR 75
Con 33
INT 70
WIZ  4
LK  40
DX  55
CHR 10
SPD 35

Trollwalla Commentary

Dekhurrrsio said… “I vote for poor baby Hammer and having Dandelion eat an egg.”

Khenn Arrth answered . . . “She can’t do that because her WIZ is down to 4. She doesn’t have any more magical power at the moment.”


One Comment

  1. I vote for (1) give Hammer the last eagle egg.

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