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The minotaur lay on the floor in an uneasy sleep, moaning and twitching. Dandelion had dug all the arrows out, and in the process restarted his bleeding. He leaked blood from half a dozen wounds.

“He may still die,” said Min Kon, “unless you go all out to save him.”

“Well, I can’t leave him laying around here,” said Dandelion. “Can we poor baby him back to health?”

“Only a little,” said Min Kon. “Not enough.”

“Do it anyway,” said Dandelion. She visualized the perfect snowflake again, and Hammer’s wounds scabbed over and quit bleeding.

“I”m drained,” said Min Kon. “I can barely communicate with you. It will take a while for me to regain power. You are also extremely vulnerable to magical attacks right now.”

“It can’t be helped,” said Dandelion. “Do you think I should do anything else?”

“Feeding him the last eagle egg would probably help.”

“Grrr,” said Dandelion. “I’ll do it though. We can’t wait around here forever.”

Dandelion dug the last egg out of the sack, propped Hammer up, cracked it and fed it to him. She moved his jaws, massaged his throat, and made him swallow it all.

Hammer slept on, but he seemed healthier.

“Should I wake him?” asked Dandelion.

“Let him sleep a little longer,” Min Kon advised. “Why don’t you search for treasure while you’re waiting.

“Good idea,” said Dandelion. She got up and started going through the bodies of the dead elves. After 30 minutes of searching she amassed this loot: 4 elvish longbows (4d6 + 3), 74 arrows with bronze points, 8 rations of blackbread, 4 canteens each about half full of some sweet elvish wine, a charm featuring a small golden disk with blue feathers around it. There was no money. She also had 4 dirks and two longswords and 2 spears. All of the weapons were too small for her to use effectively.

Hammer's loot. Elvish weapons too small to be useful to an ogress like Dandelion.

“These weapons might be worth something in a town market,” said Dandelion, “but they are worthless to me here.”

“Mmmooooo,” said Hammer, opening his eyes. “Where am I?”

“At the scene of the ambush,” said Dandelion. “You nearly died. It was all I could do to keep you alive.”

“Thank you for making the effort,” said Hammer. “Most of the people down here would have just taken my stuff and left–or finished me off themselves.”

“Don’t make me regret saving you,” said Dandelion. “Can you walk? We should get out of here.”

Hammer climbed to his feet. “I feel weak,” he said, “but I could walk.”

“Good,” said Dandelion, “let’s go.” She motioned toward the pile of weapons. This stuff is too small for me to use, and too awkward to carry. Do you want any of it?”

Hammer took two of the dirks. “Kinda small, but I can use them,” he said. “I may come back for the other stuff later. I could sell it to uruks.”

Dandelion said, “Here are 2 canteens with some wine in it. I don’t think it’s poisonous. And here are 2 pieces of blackbread in case you get hungry. The elves didn’t have any money.”

Hammer said, “Let me make a suggestion. We’re not too far from my headquarters. We could go back there and rest up. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be much danger between here and the exit. Which way do you want to go?”

[What did Dandelion choose? Did she:

  1. go back to Hammer’s headquarters and rest up?
  2. tell Hammer to take her to the exit?
  3. stay and search the crates in the room for treasure?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 47.5

STR 75
Con 37
INT 71 of 70
WIZ  0
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35

One Comment

  1. I vote for (2) stay and search the crates.

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