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“Alright, Hammer, let’s go back to your place and rest up a bit,” said Dandelion. “You have food, right?”

“Ah, sure, or I’ll send a lackey out to get it.”

“But first I want to see what’s in these crates. Let me borrow your ax to open them up.”

“Um, errr,” the minotaur was clearly reluctant to give up his weapon.

“If I wanted to kill you and steal your weapon, I could have already done so,” she told him.

“Fine, here.” He handed it over.

Dandelion began breaking open crates. There were seven of them in the room. The first was completely empty. The second had 7 sacks of walnuts inside it, each sack weighing about 10 stone. “I’ll take a couple of those,” said Hammer. “Supplies are always good.”

The third crate was full of bronze daggers, estimated value 2 gold each. There were at least 200 daggers in the box. The fourth crate contained iron ingots suitable for reworking in a forge somewhere. The fifth crate held 100 iron bowls about 7 inches in diameter and four inches deep–suitable for cooking in or eating out of. The sixth crate held 10 coils of hempen rope, each 50 feet in length. The seventh crate held several sacks of decaying plant matter–probably herbs.

“What did I expect,” said Dandelion disgustedly. “Boxes full of gold and silver just lying around? Not likely. Someone must have had a reason for importing that stuff in here, but the Trollgod only knows what it was.”

Hammer took his axe back. He carried two sacks of nuts in one hand and the weapon in the other. “Let’s get going,” he said. He went back out through the door they had entered by.

They went back to the intersection that led to Hagor’s shrine, but turned right. Then they walked a long ways until they reached another four-way intersection.

“Going left from here takes you back to the Everlasting Dice Game,” Hammer explained. “Going right leads to a small lair of goblins. They serve as guards for me.”

He marched straight ahead. They soon came to another 4-way intersection. Once again Hammer explained, “To the left is the way to the second level of these caves, to the right is a small vending concession that I run. Straight ahead is my place.

They walked on for a short distance and came to a heavy stone door blocking the passage. There was a sign in Common beside the door, and a small bell. The sign read: “Hammer, Tax Collector, Ring Bell.”

Hammer rang the bell. The door opened magically. “Nice trick,” said Dandelion. They went in. The door closed behind them.

“How do I get back out,” said Dandelion. Hammer pointed out another small bell on this side of the door.

[(to be continued) but first, did Dandelion take any of that junk from the room of dead elves? If so, what?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 48

STR 75
Con 32
INT 71 of 70
WIZ  5
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35


  1. I vote for Dandelion taking no junk.

  2. Dandelion should have grabed some daggers, she would not have left two gold pieces lying on the floor, so why leave the daggers?

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