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Hammer ushered Dandelion into his sanctuary. It was a small suite of caves/rooms suitable for a bachelor minotaur in a dungeon. The main room was an office. There was a large sturdy desk covered with inkwells, pens, papers, stamps, old coffee cups, empty flagons, letter openers the size of a kukri, and other such stuff. The main item seemed to be a large ledger with an account of who paid what taxes.

One wall was entirely taken up with a huge safe. It did not have a combination lock, but required a key. Another wall had a huge rack of weapons on it, most of them made to Hammer’s size. As that was a size that would fit Dandelion also, she admired it a lot. 

There was also a large table, two large chairs, and a box on top of the table. “Whatever you do,” said Hammer, “don’t open that box! I am more tired than I thought–I must rest. There are some blankets in that room.” he pointed toward a smallish doorway to the left. Without another word, he staggered through a larger doorway and collapsed on a mound of hay. Within a few seconds his heavy snoring filled the room with a rasping noise.

Dandelion found herself standing alone in Hammer’s office. Min Kon began to whisper to her. “This is the jackpot, Dandelion. Hammer’s office probably has more treasure in it than any other place in the Moonstone Caverns. He’s asleep and helpless. You could slay him and take whatever you want.”

Dandelion hesitated. “I’ve worked so hard to save him,” she said.

“If the circumstances were reversed, he would slay you,” tempted Min Kon.

"If the circumstances were reversed, he would slay you," Min-Kon whipered in her mind.

The ogress still hesitated.

“There are other choices,” said Min Kon. “You could take any weapon you want from his weapons rack and try to find your own way out. They are all enchanted.”

“Or, I could probably open that safe, even though it’s locked,” whispered the necklace. “A lock is a lock, and knock-knock will unlock them all.”

“Or, my guess is that he keeps his greatest treasure in that box on the table. That was the only thing he told you not to touch.”

“Or, you could go in the smaller room, make a bed of sorts from the blankets there, and get some rest. We certainly need it,” said Min Kon.

“Or I could just walk out and leave on my own,” said Dandelion.

[What did Dandelion do? Did she:

  1. attack the sleeping Hammer?
  2. steal a magic weapon (sword, axe, flail, halbard–pick one)?
  3. have Min Kon open the safe?
  4. open the box on the table?
  5. rummage through Hammer’s desk?
  6. go into the storeroom and get some rest?
  7. just walk out and leave Hammer in peace?]

Adventures of Dandelion, part 49

STR 75
Con 29
INT 71 of 70
WIZ  8
LK  41 of 40
DX  55
CHR 11 of 10
SPD 35

Trollwalla Commentary

Rrraff said… “Well, I voted to leave Hammer alone, and we all know what happens when Dandy tries to get some sleep with Min-Kon, so I also appended a vote to dump the necklace as well. Who knows if it’ll work?”

Naharaht said… “Have you noticed that Dandelion’s other stats are now being affected?”

D’gou said… “Hmmm, I agree Rrraff, having saved Hammer, it would be schizophrenic to then kill him, and Min-Kon doesn’t seem to be inducing that. Since her stats seemed to be decent (and some even enchanced as Naharaht noted), I voted to rummage (information is power too).”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “I have an idea. How’s about I trade Min-Kon for whatever I take? That way it won’t be stealing.”

D’gou said… “Interesting rationalization. I do recall, however, that Hammer didn’t want the necklace. Not that “we” have to make a “fair” trade. Just saying. Of course we could leave the necklace in lieu of opening the forbidden box… heh. Though I joined in mid-game and am curious to see just what else Min-Kon might be able to do… hmmm….”

Khayd’haik said… “Dandelion could take a weapon and whatever else she finds interesting in trade for the eggs she fed Hammer to save his life… Hammer didn’t say not to take a weapon or open the safe. He just said, whatever you do, don’t open the box…”

D’gou said… “Or she could even make Hammer her prisoner, assuming the rope would hold and she knows how to make knots, etc.”

Toll said… “Hammer might come track Dandelion down if she plays him false. He still owes her much and some directions don’t quite cover the debt.”

Khenn Arrth said… “You all realize, I hope, that despite the wonderful ideas for Dandelion’s next action being mentioned here, only the top vote-getter counts. Would you like a hint as to what’s getting the most votezzzzzzz?”

Dandelion the Ogre said… “Oh wait! Ogre slow on uptake. Ogre gets hint now. But… rest?!? All those wonderful nifty things to do and people want me to rest?!? Stop that.”



  1. “Naharaht said… “Have you noticed that Dandelion’s other stats are now being affected?””

    I don’t remember writing this.

    I vote for (7) walk out and leave Hammer in peace.

  2. I believe that honesty and honorable behavior will always bring the greatest rewards in the final analysis. I vote either “6” or “7”.

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